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Title of the Portal: Cancha de Fútbol Sintética

Location: -2.241338,-79.894036

City: Guayaquil

Country: Ecuador

This portal was removed 9 months ago meanwhile I was abroad. Now that I am back I am making this appeal. The removed portal is a soccer field located in an University (Universidad Agraria del Ecuador). There are 2 soccer fields located in this university, the first one is made of natural grass and has a bigger extension; the second one, which was deleted, is made of artificial grass and is smaller. Both were accepted portals and the natural one remains as a portal currently.

Current picture of Intel of the remaining portal (natural grass):

The following picture is the picture of the current portal, the natural grass field, with the soccer goal to the left, so it can be appreciated better:

Now, this picture is the one of the artificial grass field, the same picture that was on the deleted portal. It can be perceived this field is behind a metal grid/fence, in contrast to the natural grass field.

Satellital view of the area from Google maps, the red marker is on the artificial grass field which has a darker colour, meanwhile the other field, the bigger natural grass one, is located next to it, to the north.

Picture taken today, February 5th 2020, showing both fields, at left, the natural grass field, and to the right behind the green metal grid/fence is the second field, the artificial grass one.

It was probably deleted as duplicate, in this appeal I am trying to demonstrate it is not as there are 2 different fields.

For differentiation purposes, the natural grass field portal was named "Cancha de Fútbol" (Soccer field), while in the other hand the artificial grass field portal was named "Cancha de fútbol sintética" (Synthetic Soccer field).

Thank you for your time.

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  • Appeal Accepted- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. We gave this a second look and decided to restore the Portal in question.

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