College LGBTQ+ flag with worded plaque rejected for explicit content and 3rd party support photo....

How is this kind of reviewer abuse allowed while Niantic is busy banning people for description comment edits. Was an upgrade too which makes the abuse even worse.

Your nomination is rejected due to the following reason(s):

Photo appears to be taken from a third party source, Nomination does not meet acceptance criteria, Nomination was flagged for explicit content.

Here is the sub info + pics (changed college's actual name to college). Was rejected the first time as temporary so for the support photo I used google maps showing it there in Oct 2018 + text over the explaining things.

Title: "College LGBTQ+ PRIDE Celebration"

Descript: "LGBTQ+ Flag celebrating College's support for LGBTQ+ awareness. Students, faculty, staff and alumni work to ensure that College is a community of inclusion where LGBTQ+ individuals feel welcome, affirmed and supported."

Support: Per wayfarer confusing noms help "Flagpoles, eligible only with accompanying plaque or info board detailing cultural or historical significance." Has sign and cultural significance as a welcoming campus. Support shows Oct 18 view indicting its permanent.


  • The picture of a rolled up flag taken into sunlight looks pretty poor

    Maybe try a close up picture of the sign instead?

    Overall seems a very poor portal candidate though; what criteria are you trying to get it accepted under? The signage states to "make people feel welcome" which would not meet cultural or historical significance? (eg why would THIS flag pole be more important than anyone else random flag pole?)

  • TheFarixTheFarix ✭✭✭✭✭

    Reviewers weren't convinced that the flagpole has any cultural or historical significance. If I nominated a flagpole with a US flag and had a plaque describing how flag represented the freedom and independents of our country, it would just as soundly rejected.

  • edited February 6

    It wasn't rejected as such, main rejection came from the 3rd party support photo which Niantic has clarified multiple times is perfectly fine. Clearly it has cultural significance if people felt the need to reject it as explicit. Good job making up the dumbest possible comparison, comparing the most generic flag possible which is located at over 20 locations on campus to one the college felt the need to make a specific display for as you enter the campus.

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