Removal of portal photo

HydraulinskiHydraulinski ✭✭✭✭✭

Title: Estatua Escalada Feminina


City: Curitiba, County: Brazil.

Picture taken yesterday:

This statue was for a while on the interior of the shopping mall, on the other side entrance, but now it has been for a long time here, at this location. I don't know for long but at least a year and that's its final place, since it's there is new stores on his old location.

The problem here it's that the portal was on the old location and taked a very long time to finally got it moved to the right location, because the main picture was from the interior of the shopping, so as soon as we got a outside picture as main the portal finally came to it current location, but yesterday I went there and noticed that the old picture became main again, with 7 new votes, and few weeks ago I spotted a location edit review on the wayfarer.

Someone is trying to it back to shopping interior (not even the original spot, since this isn't a active pokestop, they're trying a random location with empty cells probably), so could you please remove the current main picture, and all the others from the interior?

Or remove all likes, this way will at least a while to whoever is trying to do this to accomplish it, and don't hurt the portal history.


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