afraid to review due to lack of agreement

Im affraid to review,du the lack of agreement... 
I dont want to go from green to yellow field. and maybe red

if I have looked at 100 nominations in one day before , 
then I have received 40-60 argrements within the next 24 hours, 
but now after looking at 100 sites, maybe after 3 days go by, I only achieved 5 10 agrements back.

the lack of agreement is it because of all the bad word reviews and abuse reviews???
or am I suddenly bad at reviewing :-/

and another thing, my own submits is soon a month old. no answar, in queue, or voting. nothing happen.


  • How many reviewers total have you done? If you are less than 1k total, your score isn't finalized. Score comes from a few things. Speed. Accuracy of the review, and the Community reviewing in agreement with you.

  • I think something is broken in the system again. 60 reviews in a sitting usually nets some agreements as I go. None at all this morning.

  • I've noticed this as well... I've never dipped below 'good' in the years I've been reviewing, and I used to get about 45-50% agreements for my efforts, Within the last few months, my agreement to review ration is somewhere between 5-10%. That means for every 100 candidates that I review, I'm only seeing, at most, 10 agreements.

    I have to wonder whether it's because new reviewers are only rating everything either 1* or 5*, or if something's changed with the way agreements are calculated.

  • I wonder too...

    And it is the same here, before 40-60% agrements now about 10% on 100 review.

    Something is wrong.

    If I keep reviwing, i go from green to yellow and red fast.

  • TheFarixTheFarix ✭✭✭✭✭

    You have to remember that Niantic introduced a lot of pre-reviewed nominations at around the same time as Wayfarer was opened to L40 PoGo players. This is likely why so many people's ratings dropped in just a few reviews.

  • Yeah, something seems off right now. Stuff proceeds slow and my own stuff is stuck in voting even though it shouldn't. Everything was OK last week.

  • I probably missed something... where did they come from and who pre-reviewed them? I thought the candidates from the seer medal days were all included in the initial OPR launch.

    This does raise the question - and I know Niantic won't give us a specific answer because they've said in the past that they keep the methodology a secret - how close does one have to get to score an agreement? If 6/10 reviewers rated 5*, and I was one of 4/10 who rated 4*, do I get cheated out of an agreement?

  • @evillunte did you ever take the 2nd test? Because there is one after your rating goes down that bumps your rating up after taking that second test.

  • evillunteevillunte ✭✭
    edited February 3

    Yes after my first 150 review, i was in red, and took the test again.. and it Days it was my last chance..

  • I wouldn't worry, the rating system as it is designed to go up and down. If you are reviewing how you feel properly, than i wouldn't stress. It's basically common sense on most things of what is allowed and what is not. The rest is always in help and soon wayfarer is getting a major update.

  • I think i know the rules okay, and try to review after Them.. but IT seems art that the agrements % is so low suddenly.

    Could the Lake af agrements % be becourse og this:

    Sorry for my bad english ( im from Denmark)

  • TheFarixTheFarix ✭✭✭✭✭

    From the one month check-in:

    These resources combined with our existing infrastructure of quality control measures will help to make sure that Wayfinders who are not adhering to a high standard of review quality are removed from the program.

    These measures include actively monitoring the platform for abuse from both Submitters & Reviewers. We've also taken steps to pre-approve or reject certain Wayspot nominations prior to them entering Wayfarer. Reviewers who disagree with our assessment may see a dip in their performance score. Reviewers who fail to follow Wayfarer guidelines may also be asked to take the quiz again, or (depending on the severity of the violation) may receive a time out from Wayfarer. Submitters who try to influence reviewers using the title or description fields may also have their submission privileges revoked.

    Emphases is mine.

  • So it’s like a mystery shopper. Checking to see the quality of the reviewers. Great to see Niantic doing that.

  • FuzzySunFuzzySun ✭✭✭

    Especially when it catches "yes it's valid but I don't like it" 1* reviews.

  • FuzzySunFuzzySun ✭✭✭

  • The past month has been low in agreements, also increase the time of answer for a nomination, righ now I have 24 pending, I guess pogo people quit reviewing. From agreement average I went from 71% to 68% so I think its not a big deal.

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