New Tethered Hand Transmission: Tesserae Round 6 Results

The results are finally here. Both faction' scores have surpassed Nemesis. NIA is working with JanusLaboratorium to update the Board, unfortunately it'll have to wait till close to the end of the week to be completed. I have news on a few live drops appearing in the Eastern Hemisphere. I will report the specific location, time, and methods, once the Tethered Hand has made up their mind.




  • MiketrevisMiketrevis ✭✭✭
    edited February 2020

    Hi @Truthseeker may you tell to Tetherfingers that some link on the new tesserae are missing? :)

    -Visionary Arch

    -Who Killed Osiris Hank


  • If you don't mind me pointing out another error on the site, the Asset link in the Kureze Transmission Tessera is supposed to go to Victoria Kureze's live broadcast. However, at this point it goes to a different, much shorter video.

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