Took 40 days and 3000 reviews to review a local upgrade that is still pending (some perspective)

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There has been a lot of discussion on how long upgrades result times have been and while Niantic acknowledged they were looking into the inconsistent review speed for upgrades, they also said they didn't have an answer for it yet.

Locally we have some fairly high volume reviewers and I was always shocked when even they would be seeing a local upgrade 2 months after it had been upgraded. This made me curious as to just how many reviews they were doing before seeing said upgrade and today I finally pinned down specific numbers.

Submitted: 12/9/19

Submission: A train caboose repurposed as a commuter information office. Nicely painted, safe sidewalk access, commercial area. Easy 5 star candidate or at worst 4.

Upgraded: 12/23/19 (have discord message on that date from submitter saying it was upgraded)

Total Nominations Reviewed of the reviewer at time of upgrade: 10,033 on 12/20/19 (confirmed from discord screenshot)

Date the reviewer reviewed that specific submission: 2/2/20, now with a Total Nominations Reviewed of 13,253

Submission is still in voting.

Area generally has a 2-6 month result time and hometown is set as the same town as the sub.

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