Location Edit Appeal: Mt. Tom, IN State Park

Title of Portal: Mt. Tom, IN State Park

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=41.66341,-87.056161&z=16&pll=41.66341,-87.056161

City: Chesterton

State: Indiana

Country: USA

Have been trying to get this moved to the correct location for some time. New portal has been made in correct location (https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=41.662614,-87.056221&z=16&pll=41.662614,-87.056221) propose to have them merged into a duplicate at that location. Currently this portal is off the trail on the side of the dune which isn't good for the environment.

Photo of current location


  • Appeal Accepted- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. Based on the evidence provided, we’ve moved the Portal to its correct location.

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