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    12th of February I submitted and have had NOTHING happened whilst in voting.

    Please address this issue @NianticCasey

  • I've had 4 rejections for the same reason (and some accepted) come back yesterday that were stuck in voting (not upgraded) since November & December. Going by the number of times my streetview spheres were accessed each already had 50 - 100 votes.

    Seems like the strategy to clear the backlog was to push to descision anything that was too old and had reached a certain volume of votes.

    I'm happy with that, although I won't get to resubmit anytime soon due to being stuck indoors...

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    Maybe this was manually reviewed and they didn’t bother to pick a reason?

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    I know this is a lower priority issue, but could you please @NianticCasey provide me some feedback regarding the non-usable upgrade next button issue? I have 30 nominations now IQ/IV without a single upgrade.

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  • Haha good hopefully something will happen at niantic its getting stupid how long things are taking and its getting over looked

  • Sounds like the 20m rule. Were they close to other POIs?

  • @10RingsKvothe no, it was in the glitch for the updated POI not going live

  • SF88SF88 ✭✭

    Is my nomination stuck upgraded for the past soon to be five days due to the backlog ?

    Or is it apart of this yet another bug ?

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    Review for even upgrades can take a few weeks, @SF88. I have two pushing 1 and 2 weeks upgraded. Hopefully Niantic will understand and find ways to incentive/encourage reviewers to help clear out the ever growing backlog.

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    I've no problem with upgrades I've been on 10 for awhile now and as I review so much I always get back to 10.

    I agree with you Niantic do need to find ways to get people to review as most probably just submit ( not helped by double submits soon ) and never review.

    Regarding your 1 and two week comment thank you I thought it was bit strange is all.

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    Don't get me wrong, it is weird and nobody has ever really pinned down logic with nomination closure times. I have had newly upgraded nominations close out in just less than a day and also seen them take weeks to a month (outside of the glitched upgrades, of course, which are now over 3 months; @NianticCasey will hopefully have an answer soon and maybe even some sort of bonus since these upgrades clearly didn't work).

  • Hi @NianticCasey !

    I have an issue here and I don't know what can I do....

    There was two "in voting" nominations stuck. But "Belmar" has 3 tags... "In voting", "Upgrade next" and "upgraded". I think "upgrade next" is bug because of that. I can't use the "Upgrade next" button. It's disabled.

    Someone know how can I solve it? Who should I ask?

    These nominations have been "upgraded" since October. The others from last year have already been upgraded, voted and reviewed.

  • I'm not sure how or why 5 people have disagreed with what I have said. I'm looking at my nominations in wayfarer now and i can see nothing has happened. All a bit sad and childish.

    Maybe @NianticPooja can also have a look at why wayfarer non upgraded nominations are not moving as well? Or at least give some insight.

  • As experienced reviewers WE can tell when the system isnt Feeling too Well and Not working properly.

    If you add the amount of people who are Chained to their Home since two Weeks, the system should have processed more.

    Instead, it works slower. There is clearly some problem or problems again.

    The system was working better 7 days ago

    Let @NianticPooja have a Look

  • On 7.3. and 8.3. I nominated 7 wayspots and upgraded all of them. All are located in the same low density area. 5 were accepted within 4-5 days, but two are still in voting today. Really strange, doesn't feel like there were fixes applied.

    I think the stuck ones that went through were reviewed manually by NIA Ops.

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    Thank you for your weekly commitment to escalating this. Without fellow agents like you we wouldn’t be where we are right now with this situation. It’s a travesty that it hasn’t been fixed and you’ve waited longer than your fair share for upgrades you earned.

    @NianticPooja I just want to add, please remember these upgrades are earned through our hard work and are literally our only compensation for reviewing thousands of nominations. For them not to work as intended means we earned nothing from reviewing nominations sometimes thousands of miles away. Certain areas in the game rely on these as we don’t have enough local reviewers to have any nominations approved naturally as a player who has earned 300+ nominations and helped create over 220 waypoints all of but 5 or so were from upgrades otherwise I would never have new waypoints in my area. Upgrades are vital and few and far between for us agents.

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    Both of you are right, it is far more easier to create new POIs with upgrades, this is why we are continuously reviewing.

    @NianticPooja connected to this issue please be so kind and dig a bit deeper into my "Upgrade next button is not working, it is not clickable" topic (which is also some others as well, as I know) with the Wayfarer team. It is broken to me since early November last year, which means my 7000+ reviews and 4000+ agreements since that time were almost meaningless. Thank you.

  • Seems like 2 other sunbmissions of mine disappeared into the voting limbo v_v

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    Please see my post in https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/discussion/7/known-issue-delays-in-upgrades#latest

    Curious why we did not get an update. Hope all is well and we hear back soon, @NianticPooja, @NianticCasey. Thanks!

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for your patience. Adding on to what @NianticCasey shared last week, here's are some of the things affecting Upgrades:

    • Nominations tagged for bad words: 99% of the candidates manually reviewed were correctly flagged for the use of inappropriate words or game-specific terms. Note that if your nomination includes these terms, you may expect a delay since these are flagged for review and removed from the main queue. We recommend the following: 
    1. If you have an upgrade that may be affected by this issue, please edit the nomination to fix these issues. You will be able to edit the text as long as the candidate isn’t in the voting stage. More information on nomination management can be found here: https://wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/help#nomination-management
    2. When nominating new candidates, avoid using URLs, emojis, or game-specific terms (will be great as a gym etc.) in the title/description/supporting text. This will help you avoid delays and save your Upgrades for eligible candidates. 
    • Wayfarer Abuse: Candidates tagged for abuse go through an extensive review of not just the candidate flagged but the overall history of the submitter. As a result, these cases may take longer to review. Action will be taken on the account based on the severity and volume of abuse detected. In cases of incorrectly flagged candidates, the reporters may receive a warning or be suspended from Wayfarer. 
    • Other Issues: Some Upgrades may be still pending review due to the number of reviewers in the country or due to insufficient number of votes from high-performing reviewers. In addition to working on helping the reviewers improve the quality of their reviews, we are also fast tracking the review of nominations in these locations. 

    Future updates will be posted in this thread in the Wayfarer Community: https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/discussion/7/known-issue-delays-in-upgrades

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    Future updates will be posted in this thread in the Wayfarer Community: https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/discussion/7/known-issue-delays-in-upgrades

    I would advise closing this thread to make use of the new thread more obvious, @NianticCasey, @NianticPooja.

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