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    Thanks for the clarification, @Nachtwolf1337. Yes, it is most confusing and annoying. Getting some honest real support would be greatly appreciated.

  • It’s especially confusing because last week I upgraded a nomination that was in queue for over a month and it is still in queue. The upgrade didn’t move it into voting like the support comment suggests it should.

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    Thank you very much for this update Casey. Me and many others appreciate it a lot.

    If I may request, in the future maybe like once a week you could post a general update saying “there’s nothing much to report but we’re still working on the issues.” For this, and possibly other known issues. A lot of the frustration and anxiety comes from the lack of communication and feeing like issues are being forgotten. Hence, the many agents who are reaching out to other branches of Niantic Support for information who are not as updated about these issues. Just giving a “still being worked on” heads up does a lot to assuage these frustrations.

    Thank you again for taking the time to update us even with you being so busy lately. Looking forward to Friday!

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    @NianticCasey I don't think these ever were upgraded, period. With regard to the confusing messages from Support it simply means they don't know the whole story and are constantly spreading misinformation. It's one thing to say they can't share full intricacies of how Upgrades work, but another to receive completely different information depending on the time of that day.

    With the amount of time and effort we put forth, is it too much to occasionally ask for actual one-on-one Support that can actually say something more than "sorry, Agent, an Upgrade just moves something from queue and doesn't mean something will be resolved any sooner," or other statements to that effect.

    I'm still at 9 of these "broken" upgrades. Will you also look into some way of helping those of us with upgrades that took longer than 3 months to have an actually prioritized nomination in the future?

    Edit: I truly and sincerely appreciate the update. I understand you might not have resolutions, but we're at wit's end up in here with these issues and any acknowledgement goes a long way.

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    @NianticCasey could I ask for your help regarding the unusable upgrades (upgrade next button is not clickable) for some users please? As I know, this issue is also escalated, but the support is not so communicative in the last few weeks.

    Anyway, thanks for the update regarding above topic, clear and continuous communication is one of the most important keys to customer's satisfaction.

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    At approximately 6pm on Wednesday, I had an upgrade applied to a nomination that was in queue. Around 10pm it was still in queue. I do not know when it hit voting. At 11am, it was accepted.

    Less than 1 day turnaround on upgraded nominations is not common. I look back at a few upgraded recently and have several that are still in voting after over a week - and that's not including the 9 that I simply don't consider upgraded at this point. I'd guess a week is fairly typical for my upgrades, which is 6 days longer than they were during OPR days. I don't mind that my region requires upgrades, and even a week is fine on those, but I do mind when those upgrades take longer than a week, mostly because there's simply no way to know if the upgrade was actually kicked in or if we'll be back here in 3 months asking, again.

    There is also immense disparity that has been heavily discussed in here between regions. Non-reviewers can nominate in less dense areas and see things accepted in a matter of days. Reviewers in dense areas take months to years for "natural" closure and still weeks on upgrades. I absolutely am thrilled that less dense areas are able to fly through, but it is creating too much of a burden on reviewers and nominators like me.

    I digress about that, but I wanted to point out that even our upgrades are slower than some rural non-upgrades, and many rural players have stopped reviewing because of a massively spreading theory that upgrades push nominations outside of your area and are more likely to be denied.

    Still, the biggest issue I am still waiting to hear back from is that of me having 9 active nominations that were upgraded over 3 months ago, as well as many other people in here that have stressed this glitch. These upgrades were NOT handled normally. Maybe the Wayfarer team can spend a few extra hours reviewing today to help compensate for the hundreds of combined hours we have all lost to these erred upgrades.

    Thanks for reading, @NianticCasey.

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    Upgrades are more likely to be rejected.

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    Seems like it's already saturday and still no response. :(

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    Relax, it's still Friday many of us. I'm sure Casey will have something, whatever update it may be. I'm sure Niantic is hard at work figuring out fallout from a current pandemic issue.

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    Thank you, @NianticCasey! I consider all of that good news to me getting. Thanks for the information and your work with the Wayfarer team.

  • Thank you For the Update @NianticCasey , as i already wrote i deleted the submissions that are stuck. I think alot of the submitters deleted their submissions from November. We had alot of Trouble with These submissions and i hope your Team learns from this. I do demand that there is someone WE can Talk to when the Automated system has obvious hicckups. There is No way the Automated chatbot/people at the desk will understand that we Report a Bug. They only give us texts and do Not process the information any further.

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    Since this isn't scalable or realistic to continue to do long-term, we're talking to the Wayfarer team about this and they're working on a better, more automated fix. They've already made a change that should help to significantly reduce the

    Good, too many "The"s in titles and descriptions.

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    does anyone know if the mentioned submission in "good news" are submissions that are in queue month after upgrading or that are in tuck in voting?

    and do i understand the bad news right? submissions that are upgraded and got accepted or rejected are stuck in voting and the error who is responsible for it was found? this is a good news for me not a bad news. anyone can tell me if i understood it correct?

  • I have noticed just this week we have had two nominations that was approved that was upgraded and never made it into the games

  • GendgiGendgi ✭✭✭

    I feel like everyone I know who had issues made a post about their final November/January upgrades going through! Something really must have worked, thanks, @NianticCasey!

    Uuuuuhnfortunately, I'm still sitting at my 9 upgraded from that timeframe still in voting. This is one of those areas where it would be really nice to get some personal attention. Any way you can ask them to look at my account, personally? Tell them to reject everything for all I care, I just want closure on these, because I can't believe this has dragged on as long as it has. As a bonus, ask them to look at a few more of my nominations, since it's taken so long to get this attention.

    I'm glad this finally got escalated more, I'm glad a lot of people got their aged upgrades closed, but mine drag on.

  • GendgiGendgi ✭✭✭

    Adding: I did have a nomination 3 miles from my normal area approved after 1 week without upgrade because it's supposedly "rural." And another that was upgraded in the same region as my stuck nominations was approved just shy of a full month upgraded.

    Aaand (of course) 9 nominations upgraded back in 2019 still in voting...

  • Whatever the Wayfarer Team changed at 3:00 AM UTC-8, it helped six non-upgraded Nominations from my Ingress Account to get a Decision. I'd never expect that to happen and am really happy something is happening with my nominations. @NianticCasey thank you for your efforts to fix the Bugs. Now i am very confident that the stuck Upgrades will also get closed out soon.

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    Thanks @NianticCasey , that's what we've been waiting for a long time.

    2 Bugged In Queue Upgrades got into voting, now Accepted. (one from 2020-02-03 and 2019-06-30 !!)

    6 more and we good 😊

  • Thank you for your efforts @NianticCasey . In Costa Rica, the issue with upgrades was solved completely. They are being processed smoothly as they should durring last days. Wayfarer Community here is completely in joy and making marathons. We appreciate everything your team has done to improve the system :)

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    Whatever @NianticCasey and the Wayfarer-Team did 7 hours ago, it helped 5 of my non-upgraded nominations from November finally to get a decision.

    Which leaves out my 14 stuck upgraded nominations from November - February... Hopefully they also will be resolved soon :)

  • GendgiGendgi ✭✭✭

    Echoing the comments from earlier this morning, at 3:40 Central US time, I had 3 of my "broken" upgrades closed out. Somebody in a shared community reported even more around that same time, so it feels like it was something on the backend rather than natural closure.

    I'm still sitting on 6 upgrades from 2019. Hopefully soon™, right?

    Look forward to today's update and appreciate the efforts!

  • Yeah, something was done, 2 upgraded things from October 31. in my queue suddenly got decisions. Didn't even see them enter voting phase. So I assume they were reviewed by Niantic themself.

    Let's see if my stuck-in-voting nominations get a review soon~ish.

  • no changes for me so far :/

  • No change here either for the upgrades that was accepted and not going live

  • GearGliderGearGlider ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Some of my old upgraded subs that were stuck were finally resolved. I’ll have to upgrade the rest of my old stuck ones now that upgrades seem to be working better.

    Thank you for advocating for us so hard @NianticCasey! I’m so glad things are finally getting resolved!

  • RU001RU001 ✭✭

    Same here, my Nov24th nomination that was stuck in Queue got automatically rejected without going into voting

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