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  • maybe we should ask someone for help? Seems Niantic isnt able to find the Bug in the System. It is already mid-week and nothing is happening.

  • @NianticCasey yes - I do ask for something to happen. could you at least look into my submissions?

    i will ask support again, and refer to this thread.

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    Out of my 5 stuck upgrades, I have now had 4 resolutions come in since Sunday. They were stuck 65, 20, 46 and 45 days respectively (amount of days after upgrade was applied before resolution). They were all submitted between December 23rd — January 10th.

  • It’s simple, no more Reviews and Nominations till Upgrades In Queue are Working. So a few more weeks of waiting till it might be sorted out don’t matter by now.

  • those Wayspots dont matter much to me - they matter to people that live there and dont have a single Wayspot.

    what really makes me angry is that nothing happens. @NianticCasey vanished again since 19th of February.

    That is totally unacceptable.

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    I’ve had one of mine that was stuck go through yesterday. Originally submitted mid December and upgraded within days. My other three are from late November and immediately upgraded are still stuck. All fairly obvious 5* nominations that shouldn’t have been borderline and needing extra votes or anything. I’ve had other people in the area submit things meters away and have them go through voting with no upgrades and be done by now. It can’t be a lack of reviewers in the area since other things are going through without the upgrades.

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    Perhaps that's the issue? Non-upgraded goes to the local reviewer pool, upgraded goes to the non-/not-only-local reviewer pool? And the second doesn't have enough reviewers?

    I now have 10 upgrades and fear that I should submit 10 poor nominations that I can withdraw after the upgrade to get rid of them. After this I can submit nominations that won't get an upgrade to be locally reviewed. If they ever go in voting.

    But then I cannot review anymore, otherwise I would get upgrades again...

    I really don't know what to do anymore.

  • and another week has passed, and i deleted my submissions.


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    The upgrades pool has to include local and additional people so I can’t imagine that that is the issue. It wouldn’t make sense for an upgrade to ONLY have different people review it and not also the locals. I have had other upgraded noms go through in a few days more recently including one last night that was in queue until I upgraded it two days ago. Took a little over a day after upgrading and going into voting. Interestingly, the one I upgraded a couple days before that is still in queue. I just think the ones that were upgraded during that window aren’t being pushed out for the reviews and are sitting.

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  • Is there a way to notify Niantic of stuck noms so they might have a look and push a result? I have 2 stuck upgraded and half a dozen others from Jan.

  • GearGliderGearGlider ✭✭✭✭✭

    I have contacted in-game support about this issue a few times before the issue was acknowledged on the forums. They always say the same response: that there still aren’t enough votes to make a decision and thank me for my patience

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    Over a month ago, they told me to be on the lookout for updates here. I still have 11 nominations that were upgraded in that time period still in voting. Many others still have this issue. Niantic seems unwilling or unable to fix this issue. It was nice when @NianticCasey at least responded in here.

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    @NianticCasey i am responding based on the community here and it’s really disheartening to see all of our hard work submitting and reviewing mean nothing due to constant issues with Wayfarer and nominations. Between broken upgrades, multiple submissions being taken per submission, items not showing up in various games these are just some of the issues we’ve seen in the short 2 months of 2020.

    I personally have been affected by all 3 bugs so far. A great example is my Pokémon Go account lost all 7 submission to 1 nomination and had 10 upgrades I can’t use because of it. They sit there and I am losing out on agreements because I can’t earn more upgrades right now.

  • I assume Casey can only write updates here when allowed to. But yeah, more communication would be really appreciated. Remaining radio silent is really not motivating at all. --"

  • another brand new fresh week is here at sunny NIA HQ.

    Work is underway to ensure everyone who does free work for them (Wayfarers) is a happy little wayfarer.

  • One more of my stuck upgrades from late November went through now.

  • @NianticCasey yes, what is happening here? i recently deleted my submissions, because they were stuck and in queue since November. That means i had 5+ submissions that i had to withdraw because you didnt find a solution for a bug that is known to you for 54 days?

    will I get some sort of compensation for the lost time? i did 500+ reviews and had to trash my upgrades.

    thank you very much.

  • Roli112Roli112 ✭✭✭

    Add me to the list of November stuck upgrades @NianticCasey, is it so hard to manually review them or push them? What's so bad about November that it gets left out?

  • GendgiGendgi ✭✭✭

    Actually, you might remember we began bringing this up some time in December and Casey then said not to worry, everything was fine. Actually, Casey's words were "Upgrades won't automatically mean that your nomination is reviewed in 2 hours (or something similarly fast)," which seemed odd since my post was referring to nominations remaining in queue after 10 days upgraded with other nearby ones going into voting and others that had already been in voting (upgraded) for over a month. I wonder if Casey meant "upgrade won't automatically mean your nomination will be closed out within 3 months."

    Sure, none of that proved the point and sounds pretty minor after even current (presumably unrelated) slowdowns in upgrades, but many of those nominations of mine I was referring to are still the very same ones in voting after 4 months of being "upgraded." It would have been a good time to at least humor us and begin look into some of them. Casey also never acknowledged the confusing statement from Niantic (Twitter) Support that claimed "only one upgrade is applied at a time." My favorite was when "Support" later replied "we aren't sure which contradicting statement you are referring to -" correctly noting they had said multiple contradictory statements throughout that conversation.

    To be frank, each day this goes on feels like a giant **** from Niantic showing they don't really care. They got the work from me, apparently that's all that matters to them.

    Oh, cool, Twitter "Support" was just able to confirm to me that all the upgraded issue has been fixed! My nominations I upgraded in November-January just need a more votes.

  • Them saying it “was fixed in the past” leads me to believe they think the issue we are having is the one that was looked into in and fixed in January. I don’t take that as proof of a fix to the issue we are having now.

  • Ok here's a crazy thought maybe nominations now need say 10x the amount of reviews as previously need because of pogo getting nominations etc.

    But niantic has not thought about is pogo reviewers dont care about reviewing meaning the system isn't broken just the x amount of millions of pokemon players just don't care.

    There expecting ingress to review as before as there is no reward for them to do it.

    But saying that I have been waiting months now for non upgrade portals to be approved and seen pokemon submissions only take a week to get in.

    Could it be niantic are holding back ingress nominations for pokemon ones to get them hooked on adding and reviewing?

  • PoGO nomination are also affected, it doesn't matter from which app you submit.

    To test what happens, I used my nominations+upgrades in a very rural region where no wayspots were added before (churches, crosses). These nominations went into voting after two days, one of them accepted after three days. Other nominations from one day before are still in queue, but those are from a town with already a few wayspots nearby. My nominations in the city from January are still in queue (all nominations upgraded, rural and city).

    In sum I don't have any benefit. I don't play in this rural area, but those nominations seem to be processed. Nominations in the area where I play are not processed.

    I understand that Niantic prioritizes areas where no wayspots were added, but I cannot find a reason to keep on reviewing besides being altruistic and do it for other players. Is it worth it? Probably for them, but the help text about upgrades is a lie then. Upgrades still don't work in areas with many wayspots.

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    As Always @Gendgi wonderful response to the dreaded problem.

    I had forgotten the response about upgrades not taking two hours. Thank you for adding the additional insight that we've been escalating this problem since December,

    I want to reiterate a message I posted much earlier. I had earned over 200 upgrades from June 2019 to October 2019. All of these upgrades applied to a nomination took 1-5 days to resolve. This issue is new we didnt have this problem with upgrades in OPR. This is a serious problem that is continuing to happen.


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    Well, got this reply from Ingress Support a while ago, yet I still got 8 Upgrades in Queue.

    Still waiting 😴

    Edit: It's from January 18th.

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    What the heck is that kind of response? Is it more conflicting statements from Support or is that a new fact? So hard to keep the facts straight the Support gives us. @NianticCasey any chance you could chime in any time with more clarification? I just re-read https://wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/help#upgrades and couldn't find any distinction between nominations in queue or in voting when upgraded, just that they be reviewed "in a more timely manner."

    Edit: adding the photo Nachtwolf1337 removed:

    Apparently the official page states Niantic is working on fast tracking nominations only applies to queued nominations and does not help nominations already in voting. This is contradictory of past comments from Support and here.

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  • GendgiGendgi ✭✭✭

    Adding this since Natchwolf1337 removed their post. The post was a screenshot of in-game Support stating:

    As mentioned on our official page we are working on fast-tracking the nominations ASAP. An upgrade pushes a nomination to "in Voting" status and if you upgrade a nomination that is already in voting, it does not make any changes. You can apply upgrades on nominations that are in the "Queue" so that they get fast-tracked for review.

    This is interesting news to me.

  • My Edit went Blank and i couldn't Post due to "Your comment will appear after it is approved", It's back now tho.

    got this reply on the January 18th - this whole Upgrade thingy is so confusing and annoying.

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