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  • So I have 8 nominations that are public art installations, contain artist info and commission info, contain good photos without people, and there are no grammatical errors. They have been sitting for 3 months either waiting for voting or stuck in voting. Should I withdraw all of them to get them refreshed with new submissions, or will they finally get processed?

  • I'm playing in Munich (both Ingress L9 and PoGO L40) and barely get any nominations to review in Munich. It feels like it is not possible to help working on the (most likely) huge backlog of a large city as local player, so this also slowly destroys my motivation to keep on reviewing. I already reached the Recon Medal in Gold since Wayfarer started for PoGO players, although I'm still not L10 in Ingress. So I review quite a lot, but only a small number is from Munich.

    There are theories that urban areas are preferred and cities that already have a high density of Wayspots have lower prio, but it's not motivating if you see your own upgraded submission in this high density area "stuck" "forever" and you have the feeling that even your own reviews are not helpful to change this situation. I also understand that there won't be any comment on the internal mechanics how all of this works, which is ok! But if there's no official explanation, people start to make up theories.

    Most of the players from my local PoGO community have already quit Wayfarer and I fear that this will continue everywhere if the situation doesn't change. But this will make things just worse.

    So if the reason for stuck nominations is really just the lack of reviewers, the distribution of the reviews has to change. Give us the feeling that we can influence our local game board (even if it means negative influence of local player groups - wherever they exist, but this is another topic).

  • I have two upgraded submissions stuck in voting. One was submitted from Pokemon GO on 12/20/2019 and one was submitted from Ingress on 12/12/2019.

  • things cannot be like that. we do tell the "Help"Chat-Bots and "People" behind that THERE IS AN ERROR IN THE SYSTEM! COMPUTER SAYS NO! but they keep telling us "nono everythins okai".

    clearly what is missing here is someone in the community who smells the cheese and goes to someone at Niantic who is someone. @nianticCasey we keep telling you somethings wrong! but we are not heard but then after 2 weeks someone picks up the phone.

    i and my friends have spotted that error already in December, but noone heard us.

  • Just to add my 2cp, my oldest nominations for central London, UK have been in queue since early December. - screencap below. I know I'm in no way waiting the longest, but It's still incredibly frustrating to see newer nominations go to voting and approved while your own sit there for months and as others have said in this thread and elsewhere is turning off a lot of newer reviewers.

    If the problem is "not enough reviewers", it seems obvious that Wayfarer deciding on how many votes are needed based on the number of active reviewers in a single time snapshot in a given area (s2 cell or whatever).

    With the number of reviewers varying over time, such as long term OPR reviewers range quitting and new pogo reviewers getting bored, we now have some submissions requiring significantly more votes in some areas than the active reviewer pool can provide, hence massive wait times.

  • and another day here has passed, and another one begins where Niantic is busy working on their bugs. hopefully!

  • unsurprisingly, another weekend has come, and still nothing has been fixed

  • The only real issue here are upgraded submissions that remain in queue, the system is holding it in queue & this can be adjusted by Niantic. As for upgraded nominations that stay in voting this simply means it hasn’t gotten enough reviews, or reviews are conflicting so it requires more votes. Instead of messaging here about that what u should be doing is appealing to ur local community. That being said Niantic should work on more ways to encourage people to vote. Maybe in-game perks for reviewing so even if ur stuff aren’t getting accepted ur getting some kind of in-game bonus for ur work.

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    As for upgraded nominations that stay in voting this simply means it hasn’t gotten enough reviews, or reviews are conflicting so it requires more votes. Instead of messaging here about that what u should be doing is appealing to ur local community.

    @RU001 hi Remy!

    Just looking over this thread, you'll see people who are bringing up nominations that have been upgraded since November. Of course there aren't enough votes, that's why they're in voting, and that's why we've upgraded them. Upgrades should not take over 3 months too close out. Myself, I have 15 that were upgraded in November thru January, while almost every other nomination I upgrade goes live in just a few days. Even @NianticCasey has chimed in that there may be an issue, so we're trying to help provide as much proof as we can that there is so it can hopefully be resolved and not happen again.

  • I too have several upgraded nominations that have been 'stuck' upgraded and in voting since November/December/January.

    Most of my upgrades get processed in 1-3 days, max 5, but a handful of them just sit there for months and months on end and never reach a decision. This never happened prior to opr transitioning into wayfarer.

    Most of these 'stuck' upgrades are easy 5-star nominations (sculptures, baseball fields, etc) that are visible on both satellite and street view, so they shouldn't be getting a ton of mixed reviews.

  • and another working week has begun at Niantic HQ - hopefully we will hear something from @NianticCasey ? We wish you a pleasant working week.

  • There is 100% sure something going wrong here, every since Wayfarers existence and probably earlier. I've got upgraded stuff stuck in voting ever since I can submit and access Wayfarer.

    My rate of getting POIs stuck in voting under certain circumstances is 100%. Which would be that stuff is in the same S14 cell, less than ~150m (~492ft) away from each other and entered voting on the same day or maybe at the same moment. I witnessed this happening with pairs of 2 and 3 nominations, which were all upgraded when entering voting. The views on my photospeheres were also showing that no one got them to review. The views they got were only by bots. So there is definitively at least one pattern here.

    When stuff within the same S14 cells and ~170m away from each other enters voting, they got no problem getting agreements within 2-4 days after entering voting. Even the POIs mentioned above got agreements like this after I resubmitted them then.

    Right now I got at least 3 stuck in voting. 1 thanks to new years fail, 1 thanks to the pattern I wrote about and maybe 1 random one, dunno. Withdrew another 1+ month stuck one last week after I encounter this very POI submitted by another user during reviewing. Their submission got accepted 2 days later... I sadly deleted the mails with the IDs and for no reason whatsoever they're not listed on the nomination overviews.

    Also in my local PoGo group people often got the same issue. Their upgraded nominations "enter" voting an nothing happens. Then someone else submits it one month later, it enters voting as well and gets an agreement within t ~2 days.

    So "In voting" does clearly not always mean "In voting" and "not enough reviews" is often not the reason stuff doesn't get agreements. These are blatant lies. And if the people in charge of programming etc. would monitor upgraded stuff which is in voting forever in high active areas like the ones I live in, they would see it for themselves.

    Srsly, this is making me angry, I lost at least 8 Upgrades thanks to stuff entering fake voting so far. I did a ton of work for nothing. And I didn't even mention stuff in queue limbo yet...

  • i am sad that you have to be angry about this. i am angry about my upgrades, that are lost, too. too many of them get stuck in limbo and too many of them are voted out by ferengis. we do alot of work, and in return we get "Upgrades" that do not much or are lost to the random pool of reviewers who do not like our 5* candidates. maybe @NianticCasey is working on solving our problems. maybe he has other, more important stuff to do. we could easily outclass the chatbots of Niantic who keep telling us "everythins okai, no worris!"

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    Thank you for keeping us updated that the wayfarer team is still working on a solution

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    Thanks! Always good to hear things are still being looked at.

  • Thank you @NianticCasey - i still do Not understand why this was not tackled earlier. You need do have faith in your Community that actually plays the Games and knows theres something kaputt

  • The Weekend is near, and February will be over soon.

    Our work has been put into achieving Upgrades in Wayfarer, that we used to "push up" our Submissions.

    Sadly @NianticCasey nothing happened since November. Your "Customer Support" keeps telling users that these submissions are in Review, and they dont move an inch.

    I had a submission last week that i upgraded, and it went thru after just mere days.

    It is now 3 Month that our Upgraded Submissions are Stuck. Do we have to wait till November 2020 so we can have a happy 1 year?

    I do understand that your Team wants to solve this problem. In the meantime you could have pointed out someone from the community who gets THINGS IN HAND - i would glady be happy to help and check this submissions with my own hands - 1 BY 1 !

  • Maybe it is a good sign that my most recent upgrade took a day or two to get approved. Hope my previous ones from December/January will get some love soon.

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    Did something get updated? My upgraded nomination from 11/23/2019 that been sitting In Queue finally went into voting. It was upgraded a few days after submission. Fingers crossed other 'stuck' nominations will start get looked at soon too.

    Edit: One of my upgraded nominations thats been In Voting since November was approved and other people in my area are hearing back on a few of theirs as well so sounds like progress is being made.

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  • A new week, hopefully @NianticCasey has some insights about what is going on in the situation.

    we still have stuff from last year that is upgraded and d o e s n o t m o v e a bit.

  • It seems there is some movement on these “stuck” upgrades. I have had 3 of the 5 get a resolution; all denied but at least I know.

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    Not sure if I'd call that "movement" on the upgrade or finally being closed at 3+ months of being in voting....

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