Update on Wayfarer Upgrade Delays

Hi folks,

Firstly, let me apologize on behalf of my team. Trust that your feedback regarding the status of Wayfarer upgrades hasn't been for nothing, I've been personally surfacing these reports and working to determine what is going on. That this information didn't make it to you is my fault and I'm sorry.

The TLDR is that there were two issues that we discovered that were, in fact, blocking a significant number of Upgrades from being processed. These have been addressed and the backlog of Upgrades is being processed as we speak.

One of the issues was related to nominations that were tagged for bad words. Approximately 6k were in this pool and all but 100 have been reviewed now.

Secondly, some points of interested were tagged for OPR abuse, preventing them from being processed. We are still going through this backlog and should be done by early next week.

In addition to this, we're working on an internal system whereby we can better monitor issues like this when they come up and make real-time changes to address the issues.

Many of you have been waiting a long time, and I really appreciate your patience. Again, my sincere apologies and I look forward to getting your Upgrades fully processed soon.



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