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    "Titles, descriptions, or supporting information that attempt to inappropriately influence the reviewers to vote in a specific way"

    This is in reference to descriptions for edits such as "Please approve the lower location edit" or a submission statement saying "5* this nomination because its really good" etc.

    Below is the full nomination to show in noway was this submitted with the intent to influence anyone:

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  • Just noticed your Trail Markers don't have the eligible trail name signage that is required for trail markers to be approved. Could it be niantic is reviewing submissions and noticed your approved portals do not meet requirements?

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    Trail name is represented by the trail logo which is plenty. The addition of requiring trail name is to prevent a bunch of markers that all look the same with just a distance labeled.

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    Where is it written that a logo is acceptable in lieu of a name?

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    Not letting me post a photo so ill copy it over.

    "Trailheads, trail markers, mile/distance markers, etc. - Acceptable, if they have a trail name on them. Simple mile markers along a trail with nothing other than a number should be rejected."

    Im going based on the second half of that "Simple mile markers along a trail with nothing other than a number should be rejected.". The ones submitted are more than the simples ones listed as it has the Trail Logo, City Logo, and distance listed. I could be wrong.

  • Doesn't have a name though as required. That is my current holdup with trail markers submissions for me on voting on them. I see a lot of them going through that do not meet that criteria of a name requirement. I see others where it's a bike route that have a bike route loop trail name and stop name on them get rejected. Seems like it should be the other way to me. Trail markers with no name shouldn't be approved. Trail markers that have names should stop being rejected for generic street signs.

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    Based on the wording it would say Reject without name, instead it says reject if its just simple with just a number on it. Its left very vague and I doubt Niantic is personally rejecting them. If they were it would be rejected and not "in voting".

    The concern here isnt that about the trail markers its about upgrades being stuck. The other thread discussing it I posted a bunch of reports from other players experiencing the same issues.

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    I asked this with a picture of the trail maker symbol. What I got was:

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    So in other words, the AMA says that some markers without name-of-trail CAN be eligible.

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    Woah this is new they split this convo into its own thread.

    And again careful reading of the wayfarer help says to reject simple ones with JUST a number. more detailed ones are acceptable as is. The AMA does help as well say it could be eligible.

    I also would like to point out alot of things are more recognizable by their logo than their name, a logo is a representation of a something.

  • This is very interesting. A forum post created by Niantic of agents comments about a specific submission type. I think it is important to discuss and clarify what is valid for Trail Markers. As written, you are submitting invalid submissions @AgentB0ss. Does this mean, they are isolating the issue so they can address it in the Wayfarer update coming? Or does this mean they are going to be issuing you a suspension for abuse of submitting improper submissions? Very interesting possibilities. Wish they gave a little more clarification on this.

  • What was the date on this AMA question and answer?

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    I would highly doubt even if I am wrong this would constitute abuse.

    Plus based on's definition of a logo, it represents the name of something. You are basing your response on just the first piece of the Wayfarer help for Trail Markers and I am basing my logic on the entire response saying that SIMPLE markers with JUST numbers should be denied.

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    Oh I parsed the question wrong whoops. I though they asked for the date and answer. They asked for the Date to the Q&A. My B.

  • Sorry wasn't trying to offend you. Just surprised on why Niantic would possibly break this out separately. My first thought was they did think clarification would be a good idea.

    Here is the picture in Wayfarer.

    This would be allowed per what is written. Your photos of your submissions were small and hard to read. Did your logos on the trail marker still have a name? I am not against a logo, but I didn't see a name, like i do in this. If it had a name, than I apologize.

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    No the name is not on my trail markers, but my marker is more detailed than the one posted above. Below is a full sized picture. The top logo is the City Logo, Second is the current distance, and third is the recognizable trail logo.

  • So you agree no trail name then? It would be invalid and would be a form of abuse than correct?

    This is what is written in the abuse section:

    "Titles, descriptions, or supporting information that attempt to inappropriately influence the reviewers to vote in a specific way"

    You are submitting information that says it is a trail marker that meets requirements when it doesn't. That is influencing the reviewers to vote a specific way, in my opinion or am I reading wayfarer help wrong?

    @NianticCasey Would you clarify? Do logos for "trail markers" meet the requirement of a trail name? Would this be considered as abuse for people submitting these types of submissions when they do not have a trail name?

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    I can also provide links to the GIS, the park details, a website that shows the trail.

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    His rating is a 5 star on the forum. He knows the rules and guidelines very well and considers himself very knowledgeable in submissions. If a person is not following the rules and guidelines and has 20k+ agreements, that is pretty bad in my opinion, especially when they brag that they get a ton of upgrades and submissions approved.

    It should be much harsher for a old veteran player that break the rules rather than some new people to the system with 3 months of time doing the system. A person who is on the forums daily and promoting the rules and what is allowed should be following them. If they are not, they should be punished accordingly.

    He was the one who shared his pictures on the forums of his submissions. Not my fault. Don't take it out on me. I didn't ask him to share his submissions. I even attempted to apologize if I was wrong and didn't read trail name words because of small pictures.

  • I asked niantic for clarification if it would be an example of abuse. For clarification because there is a new abuse system. That is what we are supposed to do when we have a question. I did nothing wrong asking for a clarification on abuse.

    You and every other pokemon player and ingress agent submit things that they feel are eligible. But people still report submissions as abuse. With the upgrade issue with abuse responses in reviews causing issues, I asked a question about would this be considered abuse.

    I don't see a problem with what I wrote or said. I even apologized if I misread your submissions. But a clarification from niantic should be allowed.

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    There's been a running sentiment of "Abuse or Valid". Your post is a great example of that. Just because you consider the portal invalid, and he doesn't doesn't make it abuse any more than two people fighting over control of a portal isn't win trading, and people shouldn't yell cheat.

  • I think people need to chill out a bit. He asked casey a question with everything @NianticCasey has shared the last 24 hours it's a good question. A clear interpretation of abuse needs to happen and more definition should occur. Because abuse is the major topic niantic brought up today. So everyone is going to assume abuse on things when it might not. I am interested in niantics response because it gives the argument of ingress agents demanding submissions must be perfect to protect the database. If it's not abuse then ingress agents and pokemon players need to be less picky on some things. Like would a submission be allowed if it was a valid poi without a sign. Example of a open space park with no manmade structures or signs. Similar situation. Trail marker needs a trail name. A park needs something as well.

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