Operation 6LayerPotatoe - Solo H6

Tuesday January 21st, a plan to make a solo six-layer homogeneous field in Penticton, British Columbia Canada.

Unfortunately due to work and life constraints it took 7 days of playing. But Luckily i'm the only active agent in the city during the winter. Field was completed Jan 28th at 2PM, everything solo.

Solo, that is, except for added SoftBank Ultralinks from agent meeegyn (Thank you!)

AP gained: 1,150,000

The View from the first portal ^

First field ( same location )

After 3 days - 5 Layers!

After 5 days

End Result - Sure is pretty :D

Currently live if anybody wants to go have a peek!


  • This is pretty amazing. How did you plan this?

  • @Cornwuff I started by planning a 5 layer HCF on the north end, and then worked on picking an anchor that would allow for a 6 Layer HCF.

    spent most of the planning working on locating an anchor that would allow 6 layers of depth, once i found i had it, that was the set plan.

    tldr; several hours drawing lines on the intel map.😅

  • MXXWMXXW ✭✭✭

    Great work!

  • Dude, that is insane and awesome.

  • Congrats! PNW represent!

  • ArwethArweth ✭✭✭

    💪 Congratulations on the first known/registered North American L6 HCF! 👊

    It's incredible how long you've been building it. Maybe this is also a world record! 😅

  • Very Impressive! Good work, agent,

  • liyu1liyu1 ✭✭✭

    Yeah. Just a practical question. Did you used a link order plan ? I made a solo HCF5 and i didn't used a link order plan. I just linked based on my link colors (that works pretty good) haha .

    But nicely done

  • @liyu1 I did not have a set link order, just used the colours from my draw to guide the ordering. Just like what you already did but X3

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