What's the point of keep reviewing?

Hi folks,

This is whats happeing in my area and every day makes me think about stop doing OPR since the global launch of nominations and wayfarer.

ADS are going live, paintwalls with advertisement are being submitted, while I 1 star them as they are not even permanent, they are goin live.

Local bussines, if it has a small paint or logo, pogoers nominate with a "cool story".

Playground or walls on K-12 school, even if we mark them as 1 star K-12 school, they are being approved. We have to go to the portal and report it from the scanner, sometimes it gets deleted it, sometimes no, so we have to make a post to removal, but in the meantime, pogoers took advantage by filling the 6th portal on a cell to create another gym.

Fake portals, we mark them as 1* Locating not found, again they are being approved. All of them subbmited with pogo.

While we properly rate them, the mass of pogo approves them, and we lose the aggrement, While there is zero punishment to people submiting those portals, pogoers will be sending and sending all those nominations just to have a pokestop.



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    Are you telling us that you would 1* this because it doesn't appear in street view?

    Notice how I made use of the additional info field, and took a picture of a GPS with proof of the location. If you switch to the "map" view, it's very obvious that this trail junction exists where I said it does, Luckily I've had no trouble getting any of these approved with similar supporting info, and if I were reviewing one I'd give it an easy 3* for location, or perhaps a 4,

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  • Worse. I used to make 500 points per week on agreements (OPR), now I can't do 100 (Wayfarer). Too much fake nominations being validated.

    I hope getting 20.000 agreements this year, but it will be tough.

  • I forgot that point lol

    Yes, I dont review much anymore, i am reviewing about 100 per day and I barely get an upgrade per week. And even worse, that upgrade is stuck since last week

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    Honestly, I am wondering the same if its even worth reviewing anymore at all. Very discouraged that upgrades are clearly not working like they used to and now reviewing vs not reviewing has zero benefit. My upgrades taking over a month and still nothing back is the same as a non-upgraded sub.

  • Yes, in my area there are few people reviewing, the few that used to do OPR on the area stoped reviewing, we had a week average per portal, now, cant really tell. But most of them stopped because fake portals, portal on school starting appering.

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    @AgentB0ss those stats are impressive! I've been reviewing only since July 2019 and have less than down the line.

    I definitely agree lack of response on upgrades have stopped me from reviewing, though. Up until November, I could get upgrade moved through in a matter of days. Now, they either get accepted in a week or not at all. I'm at 18 nominations with upgrades. Not sure what to do while I wait, because I don't actually have other things to nominate. But it's definitely biased by region, because I'm still getting things accepted in a matter of days in a different area.

  • @Podolsky88

    ADS are going live, paintwalls with advertisement are being submitted, while I 1 star them as they are not even permanent, they are goin live.

    This is not the standard, if you're still on Great. There may be isolated incidents of it, but if you're reviewing in the majority, either you're approving those Ads etc, or the majority of them are being rejected and you're focusing on the occasional outlier.

    If you are in the "Great/Green" category, your vote is highly weighted and you are voting with the majority.

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    In my opinion paintings, graffiti, streetarts, murals, etc, should not be allowed as a poi (or have explicitly rules about it, to only allow really gorgeous and larges murals). They're the easiest thing to fabricate and falsifying.

    Niantic should use a mix of fixed landmarks for important waypoints, and the leaders being random generated every x time.

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    I review so I can find funny coal so I can share it with friends and we can chuckle at it.

    that and upgrades

  • @AgentB0ss

    When we had far less reviewers my upgrades always took 1-5 days to resolve. 

    We also had far fewer submissions, because PoGo players couldn't submit. You can't look at one side and not the other. Also, do we have far more reviewers? Or are the remaining PoGo reviewers really just taking up the slack from ex-Ingress players who no longer play.

    At this point I’m wondering if non-upgrades would be faster for me in my area.

    If your non-upgraded ones aren't getting through either, then no, it won't be.

    It really is as simple as a massive sustained increase in submissions, without a sustained increase in reviewers. Niantic will never admit that because that's bad press, unlike their "one month check-in" which was all rainbows and smiles. Things get into voting and then just sit there, because when a portal needs 10+ reviews, and you have 10000 portals in your viable review pool, getting to a specific portal in any sort of numbers is hard.

    I do think they should scale back the speed of entering "In Voting" to match the rate that things are coming out of the queue, so that the voting is more focused on completing reviews, than getting more into voting. If they're finding people hitting the 'No more portals to review' wall, they can scale it back up, but I haven't heard anyone complain about that in a long time, and I know some people who do a lot more bursty reviewing sessions.

  • In the long run, this sort of thing is about all that can save the situation.

  • What kind of shill answer is this?

    I hope you're spending all your disposable income on every Niantic game. You must! It's the only way to properly appreciate your master's work.

    For the rest of us in reality, there is no benefit to reviewing. I've added what I wanted in my own neighbourhood, but they made it excruciatingly difficult and drawn out. Now when I'm trying to help others, they've made it even slower with PoGo edits. **** them.

    Until they revamp the system, I'm done with reviewing. I'll keep submitting though to prove my point. The queue only grows and there is no incentive to help reduce it.

    Oh and I need to add once more, there is already 0 incentive for rural players to review because they get everything back without needing to do so. They get all 7 or 13 or 20 submissions back before 1 of mine has got a result. But it is rural players who would be most likely to see the reviews in our urban areas, so this whole ban them from seeing local ****? Doesn't **** work. Enough of this ****. This is why most reviewers quit - and hardly any or none were rural to begin with.

  • That's interesting because in my area it is the opposite. I follow the feed of new portals and haven't seen a single fake or school portal added. The new portal feed is mainly the same old things, playgrounds etc and not much interesting at all.

    In fact it's almost impossible to get anything other than churches, pubs, playground equipment, noticeboards or trail markers through. 80% of submissions are not accepted now due to bogus reasons like it being a duplicate (when clearly not) or at a school, when the school is 100m down the road, but there is a sign for the school near the POI. And don't get me started on generic business :)

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    Sounds like you just want some kind of "I'm in the right" justification to submit a ton of stuff without doing any reviewing. Which is a strange thing to want for a video game. But that's the kind of system we have currently so :/

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    I am unsure if non-upgrades would be better because I always have a stack of upgrades to use. So ALL of my outstanding portals are upgraded.

    I currently have 13 things Upgraded and waiting.

  • I feel for you OP. Hate it when I 1* a portal that doesn't meet criteria and next day when I'm playing I see that it was approved anyway.

    Thing is majority of reviewers are PoGO players who just want "moar pokestops" and don't care at all about Nomination Guidelines.

    Sadly we can't do anything because Niantic is OK with current state of Wayfarer :(

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    They don't move faster. Upgrades are working. The whole system is slow and moving like treacle.

    It's not a bug in the system, it's a bug in the population. Places with little to no portals are still racing through. Cities are moving super slow, though sometimes the random seed will pick something that gets to the top quickly.

    We just need more Reviewers.

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    @Svizac28 Judging by the speed of submissions getting through, we had an influx of bad PoGo reviewers for about a month. Then they all quit again. There is a residual of Ingress submitters, and decent PoGo reviewers who are filling the gaps provided by quitting Ingress reviewers, but not enough to keep up with the massive influx of PoGo submissions.

    We simply need to tie reviewing to the ability to submit each month.

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    This doesnt explain why some nearly identical upgrades take less than 24 hours and something upgraded the same day is taking over 4 weeks. It seems like when they actually work the response is very fast, and when they dont its lost in the system. If it was a need for reviewers we would see stuff at 1 week or 2 coming through but its either been like 24-48 hours after upgrade and approved or not at all. No middle ground.

  • The selection process and the process of getting reviews in front of eyeballs, has a random element to avoid collusion. They don't want all your submissions going in front of people one after the other.

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    I can agree with that, but they are all upgraded and in voting. That still doesnt explain the either 1-2 days or 4+ weeks nature of it. We would see more examples of stuff in the middle of that time table. Upgrades "fast track" nominations and put them out in front of a wider audience for the US an upgrade from anywhere in the US can be seen anywhere in the US. While normally pre-upgrade you have roughly a 250km range, the system can still easily send it to a variety of reviewers. The fact we are not seeing a middle ground on timing doesnt fit.

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    Based on my own personal experience I cant agree with that.

    A s non upgraded submission i put into the system has always come back within 14 - 21 days.

    Every submission i put in to the system that is upgraded always take 30 days + to be approved.

    If it was an isolated incident i wouldn't mind, but it is every single upgrade always takes a minimum of 10 days extra, usually longer, to be approved.

    My own theory, for what its worth, is that subs in my rural location are given a higher priority than other areas. However upgrades seem to be a lower priority than rural subs and so upgrades for me take longer to be processed.

  • A s non upgraded submission i put into the system has always come back within 14 - 21 days.

    I have non-upgraded submissions from the start of November.

    Every submission i put in to the system that is upgraded always take 30 days + to be approved.

    Every submission I got back in January was Upgraded and came back in between 2 and 10 days after upgrade, except for one that took 45 days to come back and wasn't upgraded.

    This is consistent with simply having a lack of reviewers.

  • we've got the opposite here, all valid nominations being rejected for the stupidest reasons. It's as if people are only voting yes on their neighbourhood and no on everything else, just to try and get their upgrades.

  • 0X00FF000X00FF00 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Stupidest reasons? It's hardly a competition, but:

    • A permanent paintball field rejected for a) not permanent b) no pedestrian pathway c) generic store
    • A permanent indoor RC field, their club headquarters for a) generic store b) does not meet criteria c) not permanent

    And that's just the last two.

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    You guys who got your "valid" denied, mind sharing the pictures, names and description?

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