Salt, Lake City (2020-03-01): Mission Day Information

This thread is for discussing the Salt, Lake City Mission Day on 2020-03-01. For more information, see the event page at


  • MorganzaMorganza ✭✭✭✭✭

    The missions went live some time between 12:05 and 12:34, and appeared to match the pre-published map, though at least one person reported a mission had portals not on the map.

    This was a pretty good mission day, though many people were curious why the mission at Temple Square was laid out to require so much extra walking around the construction fences that have been up for months. Locals might know the best way to get to all the portals... out of town visitors, not so much.

    Memorial Grove was a really scenic walk in the snow; that's the one that really stands out as a great memory. One of my buddies went inside a Temple area building to get to a portal and took cool pictures of a giant Christ statue. I was impressed by the layout of the main library with cultural stuff at ground level and the library above, and just a nice building shape.

    My original plan was to do 9 on foot, ending at the start of a banner (*), then the next 9, but as I was finishing the sprawling Bicycles West I ran into my roommate and we picked up his car to finish. (All three of us who ended up in that car were feeling the effects of the altitude. It's no Boulder or Denver, but still a big change for flatlanders.) Parking. So much free parking everywhere.

    Yes, it was snowing, but I'd come prepared with hiking boots and touch gloves and a stylus, and it was just fine. (One of my locals, less-prepared, needed to take breaks every 45 minutes to warm up.) Granted, we were driving between clusters of missions; I'm sure I'd have felt differently walking the whole set.

    As always, any-order missions leave me really missing the "navigate to portal" feature from Redacted that was quietly dropped from the promise that Prime would have feature parity; it would be really nice to have some way to mark the next portal on the scanner instead of just the closest one, otherwise players often end up missing a portal and needing to backtrack. ("Navigate to portal" was useful for far more than just missions, of course.)

    (*) I'm fussy about my mission layout, and there's a banner in SLC that looks cool when done 3 missions out of alignment.

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