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Hello everyone! 

I am writing this as I am disappointed in how Niantic reacted to recent portal removal request. A couple of agents assumed how the reason might be that the playground belongs to school but actually it is not. 

A removed portal was a playground for kids which is actually one of terrains held by "ŠRC Brda" (sport-recreational center Brda). 

The sport-recreational center owns football terrains, basketball terrains, tennis court, childrens' playground, street workout gym and bowling-balote playground. It's a huge terrain owned by the sports-recreational center which was funded by, logically, the city. There are a couple of sport-recreational centers in this city and "Brda" is just one of them.

The sport-recreational center is located BELOW the school, it does not belong to school, it is not school playground- terrain, and has nothing to do with school. 

I am sending you satelite view with marked points so you can see what I am talking about as well as coordinates of a nearby portal so you can locate the place and I am also sending you screenshot of street view so you can see how adnimistration building of ŠRC "Brda" is just near sports terrains. 

The sport-recreational center is rectangular shaped which also proves how the removed portal (playground) belonged to the center and NOT to the school. The sports center also has 2 murals dedicated to a football club Hajduk (Read about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HNK_Hajduk_Split). 

This is a grat proof how the playground belongs to the sport-recreational center - a football club mural painted on a wall which belongs to terrain of sport-recreational center (yet the mural is next to the playground). 

These are coordinates of a tennis playground so you can easily locate the sport-recreational center terrains: 43.52236,16.470514 (The removed portal's name was "Playground and street workout "Brda 1") The portal is completely legit and has nothing to do with the school. 

Looking forward to hear from you.


Niantic's mail:

  • Title of the Portal: Playground and street workout "Brda 1"
  • Location: 43.52236,16.470514
  • City: Split
  • Country: Croatia

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  • NianticKNNianticKN mod
    Accepted Answer

    Appeal Accepted- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. We took another look at the Portal, and we’ve decided to restore the Portal in question.

  • edited February 17 Accepted Answer

    Niantic restored the portal now.

    Thank you. Cheers!


  • Good Morning!

    In my opinion, clearly the playground does not belong to the school and is a legitimate portal.

    Even if it belonged to the school, the place is freely accessible to everyone and across the street.

    In my humble opinion, this is one of the injustices that NIA does without clearly explaining why. It is disappointing and frustrating to see how these problems are handled. I think that the portal can only be deleted with the approval of the LOCAL COMMUNITY PLAYERS. Only they know the real situation of the place and the problems of the reported portal. The NIA clearly does not assess these types of requests with cunning and precision.

    Another thing, the NIA needs to stop hiding those who facilitate exclusion. It must be public knowledge that requested the exclusion and the votes of the decisions. Only then will bad people not hide from their unpleasant motives and spread evil in the community.

  • I know right! I live 5 minutes away from the place (on foot). A sport-recreational center (3 portals) which is literally a minute away from me also got removed although it does NOT belong to school (of course). It was opened last year (19th October 2019) and country representatives were present there (president, regional and city mayor,...) + there was an article about it in the newspapers. The portals got removed.

    A bowling playground has recently been added as a part of the center which I submited as a candidate. It got rejected and one of the reasons was "abuse":

    Yesterday I spoke to a man who lives close to the center and asked him about this sports recreation center. Yes, the bowling playground, kids playground, basketball and football playground DO belong to the center :)

    I don't know what to say anymore.

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