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Living in an area that has several countries with several different languages is a problem while reviewing portal submissions. Being Swedish, I can for example evaluate submissions in Swedish, Danish and English but I'm personally totally lost concerning German and Polish. Yet living in South of Sweden I get a fair amount of German and Polish reviews... What to do? After 3 skips I'm stuck and will have to stop reviewing or just guess... Please #Niantic, add a "Skip due to language" button or similar to solve this issue. Alot of people - at least in Europe- deals with this problem. Thanks!


  • This is a fantastic idea... but, devils advocate: How can they prevent it being abused by people who want to do a regular skip?

    They would need to somehow detect the language of the submission vs the languages of submissions you’ve approved, or something like that. And if they are having to go to that level, couldn’t they just have a language settings in Wayfarer so you never see foreign language submissions in the first place?

  • How about a translate button? I’ve had a few Russian language candidates show up during the evaluation process. Instead of skipping them I copied and pasted their text info into google translate. A translate option right on the evaluation page would be great.

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭
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    There is several plugins for most internet browsers that can do automatic translation of the whole page.

  • Yeah given all the above, a translate button makes most sense.

  • SindayaSindaya ✭✭✭

    Absolutely agree that translation through secundary services can work at times - if you bother to go through that process either by manual or automated method. However- and I should probably have addressed that in the original post- it's not mainly the basic words that is the issue but rather the cultural context. Language is alot more than words. I find it hard to understand local national references such as Names, Signs, Locations, Traditions and so forth and hence, if it's not an obvious poi with a general description- let's say a church or a museum for example with a matching easy read description- then it get' s alot trickier.

    Imagine the portal picture of a sign with a lot of text. Then a description with only local names. Then you are stuck. (I'll screenshot an example next time). You see my point?

    Concerning a possible misuse of a Lang. skip button, a very valid point, tbh I would prefer being able to select area/languages in settings, perhaps limit to country. But I'm thinking using a proper algorithm- perhaps language identifier- could solve misuse.

  • Im getting 6 different foreign languages on my queue at regular bases, 4 of them I do not understand a word. On a bad day I have to use translator on every second POI. And even then some of the POIs remain complete mystery 😅

    IMHO translator wont be enough. Often its REALLY hard to say if POI is good, poor or plain bad troll when you know little to nothing about the foreign culture it represents 🙄

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