Notification when there is a new discussion in categories that we are "following"

I would like to suggest an "addition" that can make forum more user-friendly in my opinion

When i select a category to follow is because i think it is crutial and interesting. For example Release Notes. But when Niantic start a discussion in that category users are not notified in order to visit the page and see the details of the update. At this point the user must manually check the category repeatedly if he wants to check for a new update. Or must wait for a linked announcement in other social media ( tweeter facebook telegram official channel etc) All social media must be used and i personally try to follow and utilize them but a notification possibility for new content in forum categories followed, can make forum more user friendly.

Maybe there also other discussions created about notifications.

Many users are willing to help and that is great!!

Thank you for your efforts of getting community forum to work and evolve in terms of usability and effectiveness


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