Option to create groups for country communities

It'd be nice if we could be allowed to create groups under a country banner.

Similar to g+ where almost every country had their own moderated group.

Maybe there won't be a need to allow groups to have their own moderators, but at least have a means of identifying a membership of sorts. For example, on telegram, agents regularly include country flags in their display name so show where they play ingress.



  • Country flags could be good. Regional groups would be good for people planning on travel.

  • ZiemowiterZiemowiter ✭✭✭

    To be honest I was under impression that this is obvious for Niantic. Country categories to have a neutral XF area to talk.

    I think it is needed. Of course after G+ shut down all communities moved to different places - but this is a problem. If they are here, they would be easy to find for a new agents and anyone who needs.

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