Portal Removal Appeal Godemann's

Category: Portal Removal Appeal

Title of the Portal: Godemann's

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?state=GOOGLE&code=4%2FvgHcDehMBRCg83a5iboPXJYTPPB4gx7GyUj8DlWXGyi

City: Duisburg

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

This portal is located at the Thyssen Krupp site. If you want to reach the portal, you have to have an employee card from Thyssen Krupp to get in. If you don't have an employee card, you will be sent away by security guards. For me this is a private site, because you can see very clearly on the Intel Map (satellite image), so I would ask you to remove the portal immediately, because some Ingress agents / players have a work portal there and it is very unfair.


  • Appeal Denied- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. We took another look at the Portal(s) in question and decided that it does not meet our criteria for removal at this time.

  • Why is the portal not removed? According to the satellite map, you can clearly see that the portal is in the middle of the Thyssen krupp plant. Therefore I would like to ask you to check this again and remove the portal immediately

  • TheFarixTheFarix ✭✭✭✭✭

    There is no requirement for portals to be accessible to all players or at all times. Restricted and limited access portals are allowed. Just because you cannot reach it doesn't mean that no one can reach it. A player who works at the plant can access it during their free time.

  • Portals must be open to the public, portals must not be in the middle of the factory premises, where you need an employee card, because you can enter the factory premises

  • Yep, what TheFarix said. This have been confirmed several times in AMA's.

  • Here is the proof

    On the satellite map you can see that the portal is in the middle of the factory premises

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