Perpetua Hexathlon medal distribution update

edited January 2020 in Hexathlons

We always appreciate and welcome your honest feedback, both the good and the bad. Sometimes making changes can lead to better experience for many, and we recognized that potential for this event. We’d like to share the new event medal distribution as below:

  • Perpetua medal: earned by completing all six challenges
  • Perpetua Elite medal: earned by completing all six challenges and placing in the top 10% in their city for any of the challenges

Your scanner will only display one medal. For example, if you are an elite performer, to view your Perpetua medal you will need to tap on the Perpetua Elite medal on your Agent scanner

If you did not earn the Perpetua Elite medal, your scanner will only display the Perpetua medal and the Elite medal will remain locked. 

The Field Test: Hexathlon medals will be removed from this event and remain as a commemorative medal for participating in the Field Test. This will also apply to the Lexicon Hexathlon event on April 25th. 

Each city will have their own leaderboard; be sure to register for the event to stay informed with the latest details.



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