Portal Removal Appeal

Category: Appeal of portal removal

Title of the Portal: Richard Olson Memorial Bridge

Location: 41.58731829, -93.6266309

City: Des Moines, IA

Country: USA

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: N/A - appeal of removal

Photos to support your claim:

The placard is in memorial to a past Mayor of Des Moines that helped revitalize the city and supported community areas/businesses including our botanical gardens downtown. It has safe access via publicly open skywalk and can be reached from the street via public access below. Street side parking around it and available via public parking ramps connected to the skywalk. You can find the last two pictures help support it’s location being as accurate as possible.



  • Appeal Accepted- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. Based on the evidence submitted, we’ve decided to restore the Portal in question.

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