New agents are RES when starting the app for the first time?

Had a friend installing the app and he was presented as RES agent. After some tutorial he got to create an agent name and choose faction. This is a bit unfair for ENL since people from other games that just wants an account in ingress will probably choose RES since it was what they say when starting up.



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    u will get a final choice at lvl4 again unless they changed this.

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    Everyone born naive and acquire knowledge when grow up.

    But ignorance is a bliss so...

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    Regarding the Level 4 choice, however, that's an issue. An agent might change at 4 to ENL because they are in an all blue area, but RES get the messages about "Captured a new portal" and "Created their first Link" and ENL don't, so there's never an opportunity for both sides to convince a new Agent that they should choose a side before then.

    It seems like @NianticBrian should take it back to the Redacted method where you choose a faction first, or give both sides access to all of the new agent messages.

  • It is also confusing when they pick ENL and anything existing is blue but owned by a frog - looks like a faction change.

    Maybe they should be a third colour until they get to L4. Then everything they own (somehow, or if possible?) flip to their selected faction.

    It's not as though it is really worth players below L5 doing anything other than capture, link and field.

  • Maybe they should be a third colour until they get to L4. Then everything they own (somehow, or if possible?) flip to their selected faction.

    While I like the idea, it might be difficult to implement. Who can upgrade a portal deployed by a level 1? Who can destroy it? The only way this would really work is if the first 4 levels were in their own sandbox where nothing above level 4 existed. But that would make picking a team based on the existing team mix hard.

  • Starting players, if they are no team, should be neutral. So, make starting players WHITE like neutral portals. They can add to either color. Either color can add to theirs and claim the portal for their own team.

    Might be some unwanted abuse regarding mods, but I was lvl 4 before I even knew what mods were, so locking mods till L4 is probably no big loss.

  • That's a whole new system that would have to be designed. Could be useful, but it's not an easy fix.

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    I feel most of new agents are 🐸 in my area/landscape in Sweden and the balance in Ingress are bad when lots of agents chooes same team in lots if city/town. I hope Niantic can do something for better balance between 🐸 and smurfs.

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    The neural colour idea or some indicator should be implemented. Because we started well before prime so we’re unfamiliar with the tutorial our team nearly rejected a new player because we found a Res portal with his name and thought he must’ve been playing with two accounts with very similar names or something. It took us a while to figure it out. Luckily we did before we met with him. Not many people play ingress in this area. He’s young so a couple of old guys talking about him having two accounts wouldn’t have been a great welcome.

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