Criteria question re: farms with public activities

I know that farms are considered rejections as a general rule, but I have come across a couple nominations (and know of quite a few in my area) where they are farms that have public activities like fruit picking, hay rides, petting zoos, etc.

It'd be great if there was some clarification on this.


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    Locally are wineries and pumpkin patches, places that host tours and provide “attractions”. They all qualify, But.

    Be careful to only submit aspects that are PERMANENT. The pumpkin farm for example has corn mazes and presentations and animatronic displays. Only SOME of those things are still there year-round.

    I’d submitted the main sign by the roadway myself, that was properly accepted. But I’d never paid the admission, so hadn’t also submitted the (permanent) educational displays nor the (permanent) animatronic Pumpkin Saurus, nor the (permanent) walking trails in the back, nor the (permanent) goat climbing structures at the petting zoo. All visible from the overhead view on Google Maps even without photospheres.

    Once Wayfarer opened to the Pogo this year, near as I can tell the only thing a local submitted was a spot for daily shows and the seating being stacked hay bales. Nope, sadly not permanent.

    The wineries on the other hand are themselves all permanent attractions, hosting tours on the local circuit.

  • The location of farms as a rejection are for PRIVATE farms. Ones that are open to the public for events/picking/etc are just fine if they have valid candidates there.

  • Farms that are active (i.e. actually producing something) are off the table. However, if there's an area of the farm dedicated to the public, like a farmer's market or petting zoo type area, I'd accept that. Portals in the working areas of the farm are a definite no though.

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