Blocking Users on this Forum?

I was wondering if there was a way that we could block users on this forum? I know that while DMs are not enabled, there is an agent here who is liking certain posts I make on this forum, but IRL is anything but cordial. The agent is only doing this to get my attention and make it seem to everyone else that they are friendly towards me. I am honestly tired of having to deal with this and would like for this agent not to be able to read my posts (I am able to block this agent through other modes of social media, as well as on Comm, but would like to be able to this on this forum). Being able to do this would allow for me to interact with other respectful agents and I wouldn't have to deal with this anymore. Thanks!



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    Afaik, you can ignore them but that means you don't see their posts/comments, not the other way around

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    Even if you block people, their posts are simply minimized.

  • No, it’s not. You have no idea how this person treats me in real life.

  • We've never met, so before you start spreading some falsehoods about me, I will put an end to it. If you felt I was ignoring you, I'm sorry but there were a lot of people at these events that I didn't speak to.

    I didn't attend the last one in Castle Rock.

    The FS in Littleton, my apologies for not having socialized with you specifically: there were many enl agents I had not seen in a long time that I had wanted to catch up with, and I ended up having to leave the event almost as soon as it ended because I had another place I had to be that evening. I did socialize with some members of your team and had kept things friendly, and civil, and had even asked how long ago some portals had been created. I don't believe you were in the circle I was talking in at the end because it was mostly men.

    The FS at Wash Park, was also the same day as a pokemon go event. At Check-In, my stats were taken but i was not offered a raffle ticket (but it was alright, I didn't have any use for the prizes). I didn't want to ask for one as they were being handed out to the people before and after me because I didn't want to make things awkward. I had a prior commitment to meet some of my other friends to go do that event together, and then I came back to the fireplace, but I had become exhausted after all that running around. I sat down and caught my breath for about 20 minutes before going to finish the rest of the missions. I sat near the people I knew for the end, and left after it ended. Apparently I won most distance walked that day, but didn't receive any recognition from your faction about it. But I guess that's okay. I don't really play these things to win any contest, I am just trying to catch up on badges,

    The FS at Lakewood, I was unfortunately about 15 minutes late to and said my hellos to the people at check-in and rushed off to do the missions as I had to leave early again to attend something afterwards. I didn't speak to many at this event except for the familiar faces I ran into along the way. Unfortunately, no one gave me the passcode that day, but it was not my place to ask for it because I didn't want to seem petty,

    I did not attend the one in Lafayette.

    At Mission Day in Longmont, I had another agent who I hung out with and waited for because I had wanted to catch up with them, I didn't socialize with anyone here because the mission routes were long and I only caught up with people along the route.

    During the Earth Day Cleanup, I avoided nearly everyone because I had caught a terrible bug and was just trying to put in some effort for the global challenge.

    At FS in Colorado Springs, I mainly kept to the people I knew since I still didn't know many people, and socialized with a few local RES who I continue to have good XFAC relations with.

    At FS at Union Station, it was a cold day out and this was also my first one, so I tried to hang out with the people I knew and to get to know them.

    I apologize for not speaking to you, but I do not appreciate your allegations that I was less than cordial to you and your friend at these events. I tend to stay away from people I don't know and don't jump into social circles without familiar faces because I don't want to make things weird.

  • This is not about blowing up things . This is about irl interaction and always has been.

  • When your whole deal is why did you **** my portal? It is always about that. That one grain of dust that starts the **** layered perl in your mind.

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