Mr. Loeb...

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Here’s a conundrum a riddle if you will...

What do you get when multiple ADA’s converge? Some would immediately say a Magnus if there were 13, alas a video from EXO5 proved the existence of 12... in communications with each other.

If you happen to couple that with a Dunraven Chamber, well that could lead to a rule where one is in Osiris, while the others are at bay.

Why would (Redacted) leak tesserae to us? Past equals present... a sequence that is very common to mid level portals. If Alexander the Great was able to filter out the N’zeer, we could filter out this threat.

Look at Ko-Lan, perfect place, perfect timing. The Osiris Stone was activated. Nemesis is here... or shall I be bold and postulate that (Redacted) is here again? Look at the anomalies, look at what it was about.

Perfection, use one man’s vision against himself, take the researchers out that have been hunting you. Leave on the ones who are allies on the board... Jahan, PAC, and a weak Acolyte... clever girl, wonder who wrote that into the program. Amazing PR campaign with Ethical treatment of AI’s... you are winning, but what is that end state?

Help us H. R. Loeb, you are, our only hope.


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