Scanner goes Offline when you try to hack out of range portal several times.

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1. Energy bar is full, 22000 XM

2. Long press out of range portal and do quick hack no key

 -> XM Energy bar is consumed a bit, but XM number remains at 22000 XM

3. Repeat step 2 tens of times until Scanner energy bar is empty,

  XM number remains at 22000 XM

 -> Scanner goes to Offline, Screen shows "Screen breaking" effect,

 cannot do anything,

"Tank Full" shown when trying to use a cube.


4. Restart Prime -> Energy bar is back at full and XM number still shows 22000 XM.


Samsung S8

Android 9.0


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  • I've noticed a few similar things:

    Hacking a portal during the 5min cooldown period seems to cost XM (I'm pretty sure it hadn't used to).

    Sometimes, after boost charging a portal, the XM bar shows plenty of XM left, but recharge attemts fail 'not enough XM'. Sometimes the 'broken screen' effect is shown. Recycling a singe R1 'fixes things'.

    When 'use'ing power cubes while recharging the XM bar sometimes unxexpectedly hits 'full'.

    They are probably all mismatches between the client and server XM values caused by 'credits' for failed/partial actions not being handled properly.

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    Worked! Never noticed it before. But the game don't crash, i just used a cube to solve. But my xm bar wasn't full, I suppose if it's full we can't use a cube.

  • I've seen this before, where I had half an XM bar and it would act like I was out of XM, but if I recycle a single R1, suddenly everything is good again and I have half an XM bar.

    I hadn't realised what the reason for it was.

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