TESSERA Round 6 - Travel as Shards

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Truthseekers: In light of challenges that took place in Florence, Rome, and Paris, the Tethered Hand has given us some tips. This Tessera will be available in the west of Western Hemisphere. The Tesserae will be dropped at January 18th 2020, 18:30 UTC, which is also when Prediction Window starts ticking.

As we've learned from the past 4 Tesserae in Round 6, the starting portal gives us the full clue of the actual location. It will be similar for the Travel as Shards Tessera, except the Tethered Hand mentioned, the details of this mission will only be revealed when you arrive. Whatever this means, I'd say pay attention to everything you find at the portal in west-of-the West and maintain communication within your own faction!

The length of the Prediction Window will be announced the day of.


I just received the Prediction Window. Truthseekers, you have 2 Hrs to retrieve the Tessera and post it here. As previewed, the details will only be known at the location. Good luck!


The partial clue has arrived! Did we guess the correct starting location?


Just received from the Tethered Hand - When the Tessera is retrieved through passcode redemption, Off-site Agents are eligible as Discoverers, but only after their on site Discoverer. In other words, each faction's Discoverers won't be counted until their on-site Discoverer has posted their screenshot of the Tessera in the appropriate thread.

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