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I had my winter costal portal, Orford Ness Lighthouse Suffolk UK, that takes a 1.5 hours to walk to on shingle, spoofed down by Zekupidon on Jan 11th. Leaving no rezenators.

This account has since been banned, but the portal has not been reset to level 8 Blue portal.

Since this ENL have refeilded to other Orford Ness Island portals, why could this portal not be reinstated, when you banned the "player"

It was a level 6 player with 32 portals visited, and ZERO kilometers walked.

Niantic should know how many other portals it spoofed to get to level 6, and with all the free permanent game codes with XP in them you can get to level 6 really easily.

These codes need to be removed from game play altogether.

And you need better algorithms to stop spoofing accounts flying round the world taking out portals on unrealistic time scales

Please sort the spoofing out.



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