Adelaide, Australia (2020-02-29): Perpetua Hexathlon Information

This thread is for discussing the Adelaide, Australia Hexathlon on 2020-02-29. For more information, see the event page at


  • ooh... look at all the useful discussion here about the Adelaide Hexa-thingy... GO TEAM ADELAIDE.

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    Isn't this exciting? An event in Adelaide, for the 3rd time in 5 years. Thanks NIA. Can we have more please? Anomaly, Van and Hexathlon.

  • Greetings fellow earthlings....I think Adelaide is a testbed for Niatitic ideas/events . If I remember correctly the first ever Anomaly held at least here in Australia was Adelaide. If I am not mistaken the first City to hold at Hexathon in Austra.ia will be is Adelaide. VIVA Radelaide. O_O .

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    First anomaly ánd second anomaly in Australia was in Sydney 😊

  • I was hoping that Adelaide would get an event where ENL could make up for losing last time.

  • I am posting this on behalf of the local RES and ENL organisers for the Hexathlon Event in Adelaide.

    First of all, we want to commend Niantic on how smoothly the event ran. We know it wasn’t a universal experience, but for us the scanner and servers held up pretty much perfectly. Would we have preferred a team-oriented event? Yes. But most people are reporting it was better than they’d expected.

    But there was one big problem (and no, it wasn’t Niantic’s fault). About 15 minutes prior to the registration portal window closing at 2:00PM ACST, it became apparent that there were issues with one of our local telecommunications providers (Optus). Their data network in the vicinity of the registration portal was down (and still is at the time of writing).

    Some people were able to overcome this by piggybacking off the hotspots of people on other carriers to hack the registration portal.

    But because data was down for anyone on Optus, we didn’t have an easy way of finding and communicating to them the problem and solution. Later on, some players weren’t able to meet the badge requirements owing to the same problem – the outage affected large swathes of portals close to the playbox and they weren’t able to find someone to piggyback off all day, or weren’t able travel far enough away in time get all of the activities done.

    If there’s any way @NianticBrian that we might be able to get these guys a badge, it would be great if someone could get into contact with us and we can explain the difficulties different people experienced and, to the best of our ability, provide evidence of how they struggled.


    You can find us on TG @ShimJB @whychoosebob @mikejaga

  • I can concur meeting 2 RES agents on-site, who had difficulties and were unable to hack the registration portals between 1:30pm and 2pm.

    Both confirmed after the fact that they are Optus users.

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