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    You're right but as far as I know Niantic is not part of the Google since...2015? Maybe they could do it if they still have good ties with Google....or is it Alphabet now haha.

    When it comes to financial issues they're willing to work with partners though.

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    Still, it is not a straight-on way for them and invested time will reduce spoofer activity.

    IMHO, spoofing has become so big of a problem due to innefective punishment but also due to the fact that it has also become so easy to accomplish... literally, anyone can do it.

    This may not stop them, but delays are also acceptable.

  • The fact that I see reports of someone blatantly spoofing and even with numerous reports from many other players they are still spoofing. I get that they want to make 100% sure before they slam the ban hammer but it seems like the anti-cheat software is not good enough to determine if some is legit or spoofer with better accuracy.

    Was just thinking about anti-cheating method and I thought of another way to deter cheaters even further and that is by banning their device from ever accessing the game. This idea came from Overwatch Anti-Cheat method known as "hardware ban" so even if you create new account the game recognizes the hardware unique ID and bans them again. This way spoofer would need to buy a new device which to a everyday spoofer that is VERY costly thing. Of course the hardware ban would last only like a week, after that if if it gets detected again the ban would be extended up to a month and final ban would be 1 year. This is so if a cheater decides to sell his phone forward the other person wouldn't get punished because of the previous user.

    But another issue comes up with this....I don't think Android permits apps to know the unique hardware id and only identifiable information they can get (as far as I know with my limited knowledge) is MAC Address and IMEI number but I know these can be changed with Root...so we are back to square one lol. But this could make quite few quit the game before those people that write guides on "How to spoof" would realise what is making the phone detect the new account thus updating the guides for other script kiddies to read. :D

  • Hmm kinda hard to determine that because we don't know how much time passes before the anti-cheat catches them. Let's say it takes around...10-15 minutes to create a new account? Would you spend 15 minutes each day to play let's say...a week? 15 minutes for a week of "fun" is not that detering for spoofer to quit the activity in my opinion.

    As for ineffective punishments, was just talking about "hardware ban" one post above this one....

    Maybe this game needs some kind of a "verification" that a real and unique person is playing. Maybe like a Facebook verification but I've seen many apps/games that went downhill after they required Facebook to log in as many people fear the abuse of their privacy with such data.

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