Cool, easy IFS customizable swag generator on thingiverse

maqifrnswamaqifrnswa ✭✭✭
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I'm prepping for an IFS and was looking for an easy way to make some nice customizable swag trophies. I found that someone made a scriptable thingiverse object that you give it the text you want and which badge you want, and it generates an .stl file that you can 3D print or send to get printed. I haven't seen it posted here before, so I thought it could be good share in case others are also interested. (at this moment the website is unstable, but it worked great last night - so try again later if it's timing out)

How to use: Go to the above site. On the right, under "Thing Apps Enabled," click "Open in Customizer." Select the badge you want, enter the text above and below the badge, and then click "Create Thing" to save it to your account. Once it's done processing, you can go to "My Things" in your account and download the .stl file or send it off to a 3d printing service.

Below is an image from thingiverse from someone that made them.

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