Progression of the Archetypes to the Formation of a Magnus

We had a discussion on Essex Telegram that started with a question (from yours truly): Why is the decode challenge starting with Dreamer?

from @PiscesAquis:

Now that you mention it, I can see a sequence of how the archetypes were released. My take on it is like this.

Dreamer: Conceiving an idea

Interpreter: Interpreting the idea

Visionary: Expanding the idea

Skeptic: Evaluating the pros and cons of the idea

Humanist: Sharing the idea?

From @NeriMagnus

Listener gain broad information and enhance ideas

Aaron Sedrick [RES Re1 L16, Mystic 31]


If the decoding challenges end at Patron, it would signify the green-lighting of the idea since the Patron will be the one to form the Magnus

[11:43:39 AM]

MailEater @Nerimagnus



13 archetypes can have many meaning to think deeply, so it's very interesting...

[11:44:05 AM]

Melissa M (feistyzag) [DFW TX USA]


I really like this theory! Well thought out :)

[11:44:10 AM]



as a member of a Dreamer magnus... i like it

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