More "outed" Wayfarer Shenanigans

Whether via OPR or Wayfarer, this need's Niantic's attention. We have repeatedly heard that this behaviour (false locations and then edits) amounts to "abuse", with potential/likely consequences to one or more players' Wayfarer (submission, reviewing) access.

@NianticCasey if you can direct this to somebody's attention. According to the intel map, this cluster is still live in the POI database.,-15.433924&z=17&pll=28.129057,-15.433924


  • s3w2s3w2 ✭✭✭

    They don't care. This is the latest creation in Portugal:

    Reported. But they don't care.

  • TheFarixTheFarix ✭✭✭✭✭

    If those locations are accurate, then there isn't much that Niantic will do about it. The problem comes from either reviewers not confirming locations the first time or submitters taking advantage of the lack of our outdated street views.

  • Didn't Niantic clean up that cemetary in Germany? I'm sure they will clean up what they know about and hopefully take action against accounts.

  • Just curious: how is this possible? Every edit has to be voted by reviewers from up to 200 km away. It looks impossible to me that the majority of them can be part of the complot.

  • a) The thing that was invalid was the original location of the portal. Likely because someone added photospheres in the wrong places intentionally, and reviewers didn't pay enough attention.

    b) When you review an edit for location change, you aren't advised of any other portals. These were edited back into the accurate locations because the reviewers could only see the portal and could see it on the map/photospheres as genuinely being where it was, so they approved the change.

  • Most of this is due to INGRESS players to begin with, or do we conveniently exclude legacy abuse?

  • Even if someone had a high enough level Ingress account to do this, their motivations were clearly Pokemon related since they spread the original submitted locations into individual S2 Level 17 cells to cause all of them to become Pokemon things before moving them.

  • Dazzz12345Dazzz12345 ✭✭✭
    edited January 2020

    I dont get what the problem is they are all real and now all in there correct location deal with it and move on. The abuse here is that you dont like it.

    I just dont get why you care so much if it's all correct.

  • JosmanuJosmanu ✭✭✭
    edited January 2020

    because he is getting paid i bet, nobody cared when ingress players used to abuse/exploit/etc the system, but since this was done for pokemon sake, shoots are fired, in the end all those pois are real and are in the correct location like it shoudlve been from the start but niantic and their s2 cell system create manipulation however this kind of manipulation is just small compared to what the ingress players used to do in the past but the game is kind of dead and nobody cares at this point anymore just the remainers which for some unlogical reason hate pokemon go players to have pokestops and give zero revenue to the company and when the company tried something they just made a unlogical childish riot about it

  • Absolutely agree with you on all fronts there.

    We all know ingress players was using edits as a tactic to down large fields from opposing faction. But now now pokemon players are actually correcting lazy submitted or previously poor edit pokestops to where they should actually be it all kicks off on here.

    Also agree that to many ingress players chucked there toys out of there prams when niantic released prime. A dying game gets a breath of life and they stop playing.

    Can you really blame niantic as a company earn x amount of millions from one game and keep them happy. Or keep the smallest part of the company happy who spend the least money.

    I know what one I would choose if I was niantic.

    And before you all start hitting the dislike button and asking for my head on a stick I am an ingress player. I do spend money on the game. yes I accept and have accepted all the changes niantic have made to ingress to keep it going and support those changes. To many think they have a right to complain and are all keyboard warriors.

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