Will hexathlon sites have overall leaderboards?

Making the basic grade at the field test was fun, sure.

Getting the fail/succeed/elite feedback instantly and automatically at the close of play was perfect. Like, this was the way events should always have been given the god”s-eye-view of the Ingress platform. Being both the game and the referee should always have had have such benefits.

However, learning how you measured up on each sub-challenge and overall, against everyone else on the same site, is more in keeping with athletic or eventing *thlons. It would scratch some of the competitive itch some of us feel, given these won’t be anomalies.

I did a sheet for players at Ipswich, and it was interesting to see the specialists and the generalists and the mainly-out-for-the-socials stacking up. The scoring was rudimentary, not like modern sports *thlons, but self-normalising for the site and participants, and probably sufficient for our type of fun.

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