New year, new Mission Day process



  • @NianticBrian Please would you confirm if Niantic is working on a way to continue to allow players with severe mobility issues (& their carers, where appropriate) to achieve MD medal after completing minimum of 1 Mission?

  • The criteria mentions quality portals, so let's see.

    You've got a 1000 years old town with 80-90 portals. Let's remove the ones that are not OK:

    - you don't want to attract pedophiles, so you remove the playgrounds and churches

    - you don't want to attract people with imaginary friends, so you remove the chapels and crosses

    - you don't want to attract hooligans, so you remove the sports graffiti

    Soon you are left with 50-60 portals that you can use, but that's not enough for a proper MD.

  • Mission Day badge templates are posted on the docs at 800x800, but Niantic wants the badges posted at 512x512 - do we need to resize the templates and badges so they are 512x512, or will they accept them at the 800x800 size of the template?

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    @NianticBrian any answer to whether it is allowed to submit more than 18 missions?

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    @NianticBrian @NianticOfficial

    With the Hexathlon event in Naha and Milan cancelled and the MD postponed, there is a disadvantage to the no sign up for MD process. Non local agents made their travel arrangements to participate in both events and only one event is addressed reasonably. Events cancellations had to be done based on the urgent situation which I can respect. It's the countermeasures that makes the agents concerned. Time and money spent to participate in the paired events. I strongly suggest that MD should have a sign up registration in the future MD events. There is no disadvantage to have an in-game registration for MD, if the event goes on, great! If urgent matters cancel the event, you still have data in hand to act with.

  • Is Niantic required to inform agents if their Mission Day was not approved?? Gilbert, AZ still hasn't got approval for the one we were planning for March 28th. How are we suppose to know what's going on, or if there was a reason for non approval? Should we start putting applications in for the rest of the year, in hopes that one might get approved??

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