Falsley marked duplicate....again

Category: Portal Photo

Title of the Portal: Gjutaregatans Grillplats och Gazebo

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=56.63646,15.537806&z=18&pll=56.637441,15.536819

City: Emmaboda

Country: Sweden

Photos to support your claim:

The original portal, with a grill area outside, 2/6ths of the structure open, no trees to the left of it and perfectly flat land infront of it.

The main photo of the submission that was marked as a duplicate, with only 1/6th of the structure open, no grill area outside, a tree and some bushes to the left and a stream running infront of it

The supporting photo of the submission that was marked as duplicate, which shows both gazebo's in existence

The supporting information supplied with the submission that was marked as duplicate was

"a different gazebo to the one already in existence, this one doesnt have a grill in the front which makes it often quieter amd calmer. open to all."

As can be seen by the photos provided these are different gazebos and should not be grouped together under the same portal


Was resubmitted after the previous appeal was accepted, for the reviewers to once again not look at the photos or read the information and mark it as a duplicate which it is not.


  • Appeal Accepted- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. Based on the evidence provided, we’ve removed the invalid images from the Portal.

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