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  • Photos to support claim:

Portal Photo

Streetview overview

Yes, it's the same building. But the Title is trying to make the building look like it's eligible POI, the title is "Masjid NU Lamongan" which is mosque/masjid, yet the real building is no relation with worship/religion related building.

The real building is "Kantor PCNU Lamongan" translated as Branch Office NU Lamongan. It's a branch office of organisation, and i think its a generic office and not POI at all.

And there's a real "Masjid NU Lamongan" but still not become portal at the time. and yes, it's far away from this portal.

Real masjid NU lamongan google map link

The problem here is the misleading title make the reviewer thinks it's a legit POI by adding "Masjid" in the title so it slip away in wayfarer.


  • Couldn't agree more. NU is indeed a religious organization in Indonesia. And people likely made a wrong move when reviewing the portal. I think Niantic should reconsider about this.

  • @Voidless thank you for mentioning NU is a religious organization that i don't mention in my post.

    are Niantic investigating this or it just drowned post, since 2 weeks is kinda slow.

  • bumping the thread, try to report it once again and it says the Portal should remain in the Portal Network.

  • Halo is there any explanation about this portal? @NianticKN

  • p4puyup4puyu ✭✭

    another bump, i think the submitter really exploit "Masjid" name in submitting, another object near this portal submitted with "Kaligrafi Masjid NU" 1 star reviewed in wayfarer.

    please take action @NianticKN

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