When Will We Get Perpertua & Lexicon Details?

This is particularly urgent for Perpetua since flights are already expensive.

Are these going to be faction events or individual ones? What kind of format are we to expect or prepare for?

What are the timings & exact locations for each site?

As usual not enough information or communication from Niantic.


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    For people travelling a long distance it would also be good to know what part of the city to get a hotel room in, or even for factions to arrange room blocks; staying in a hotel with other ingress players is often one of the most fun parts of these events.

  • This is becoming more urgent - travel arrangements get more difficult when you hit 60 and then 30 days out.

    Please announce as much info as you can - we are used to getting partial info and more and more details as we get closer. We can deal with that. We just need a bit more information than we have now.

    And keep in mind: every $$ agents have to spend on transportation and lodging is money that is NOT spent on swag and in-game items. Help us give you more $$ by making it easier for us to save on everything else!

  • The original announcement said more details on events and mission days the second week of the new year. Mission day info came out earlier today, so hopefully event information isn't far behind.

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  • 6 resos destroyed seems low compared to the other values.

  • "Participants must complete six designated challenges within the time limit to obtain the in-game Perpetua Medal and Hexathlon Medal. In each city, the top 10% of any of the six challenges will have their Hexathlon medals upgraded to the elite version. Participants who already have Hexathlon medals can upgrade to the elite version, but will not be downgraded."

    6 media

    36 hacks

    30 resonators

    12 mods

    30 glyph points

    6 res destroyed

    And 3 digital characters badge ( Hank, Yuri and Jarvis, we don't know if the Hank and Jarvis badge are old version)

    From Ingress Chinese: https://t.me/IngressChinese

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