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Title of the Portal :Mural ptaki i rośliny

Location: [Lat/lon or link to Intel Map],18.971187&z=17&pll=50.260291,18.971187

City: Katowice

Country: Poland

Photos to support your claim:

Ingress Agent name GAJOS in portal description added from His Pokemon Go account Marchessault64.


  • Hiya @hozar17ty

    I've been monitoring this post to see if anyone would have picked up on this by now,so as a fellow player I've took a look into what your saying.

    Although you don't seem to have attached any official email documentation for the Niantic teams to look into from within the game to attach to this request all I can do is look at the images provided and the little evidence I have to hand through the Intel map.

    1) The description that is mentioned on the image once inputted into a tool in this case "Google Translate" loosely translates into English as "Mural Birds and Gajos Plants in the Vitosa District" now based on what you've pointed out that this portal was submitted by a user called "xGajosx (through another linked account) I would say that this is indeed an error somewhere along the lines as either a way of staying that "Gajos" Has submitted/owns this portal & description in a way to be featured in the Portal/Pokestop/Inn/etc... database on purpose in poland or its an error between the two game accounts with different player names but I'm siding towards it being manually typed during the submission.

    2) upon looking around the co-ordinates for the intel map I was able to find a couple of other portals that has a user by the name of "Gajos" with active resonators on them which as I write this the user seems to be active as a "resistance-blue" agent yet the image above that you posted has the agent as a "Enlightened" Agent which unless there's a valid reason for this I'm not impressed with Multi-Accounters and maybe there's other members on the community that will speak up about I personally can't see the agents profile level of this account from the Intel map or descriptions of the portal I can't distinguish if it's a high level player yet the image you sent does seem like it's linked to another game (Pogo) using the same account login as the details below the image mentioned OPR Agreements of over 1800+ through OPR/wayfarer on the level 3 account...maybe it's the same user and they just switched sides from within the training mode or as I mentioned above it could be a multi-accounter...I can't be sure.

    3) if you can check this from within your app and post a screenshot it would be appreciated on my part as although the "enlightened" account was only a level 3 as you mentioned it was linked to a POGO Account with a different username than the ingress agent name and may have caused the "unknown" name on the portal within the OPR/Wayfarer system.

    Also I'm just going to tag @NianticKN into this conversation as they seem to have the final say on these matters but I would advise that the name "gajos" needs to be removed from the description and the portal left alone.

    But as mentioned above I'd like to know if this is the same user switching sides or dual profiles as if it's the same user then it's doubtful that they have reached ingress level 16 yet and "recursed" back down to level 1 as they would have the appropriate Badge on the profile page.

    Kind Regards


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