[Feature Request] Monthly Overall Stats

Back in the OPR days, there was a "complex" formula that provided a value for ENL and RES reviewing and approving.

Every so often, Niantic posts vague stats on how Wayfarer (and OPR before it) are doing, such as 750,000 reviewed nominations in the month after PoGo got access.

What would be really nice is if we could see regular (say Monthly) stats on Wayfarer. @NianticBrian could post them in the Ingress twitter, or maybe better in the Niantic Support twitter for things like:

  • POI's accepted.
  • POI's rejected.
  • Pokestops added.
  • Gym's added.
  • ... whatever HPWU does

It would be a great motivator for people to get behind Wayfarer especially if they can see things really happening.

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