new submission falsly marked as duplicate

Category: [Portal Photo / Duplicate]

Title of the Portal: Ehemalige Wasserschänke / Schwennigkensteg

Location: 51.157714, 12.275656

City: Groitzsch

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Submitted photo was added to the portal "Die Schwennigke". Which is wrong. It's not a duplicate.

Portal Link of existing portal:,12.27548&z=17&pll=51.158107,12.27548

Photos to support your claim:

Portal photo "Die Schwennigke"

new submission: Ehemalige Wasserschänke / Schwennigkensteg

location of the new submission (Ehemalige Wasserschänke / Schwennigkensteg). It's left of the bridge. Existing portal is to the right. (not visible in this photo)

Satellite view of location. A newly submitted portal, B existing portal

Please remove the photo from the existing portal (B) and create a new portal at location A. Thank you.

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