More events for LATAM

LATAM has forgetten for ingresse events like NL-1331, MD than #IngressFS or local events, Are gonna be great making more events on diferent places.


  • JimboMXJimboMX ✭✭✭

    I'm all in for LATAM getting more events.

    I don't really know Niantic reasons for not doing them there, but it could be related to:

    - money

    - playerbase size

    - security

    - difficult logistics

    I think we as LATAM players have to focus on trying to attend whatever events we have at hand (IFS, Hexathlons, BannerRuck, MissionDays) and growing our local communities atracting new players.

    It would be interesting to know if there is someone at Niantic appointed as a Regional Community Manager for LATAM that could address this question.

    Im going to post this in Spanish as well.


    Estoy totalmente a favor de más eventos para LATAM

    Desconozco realmente las razones de Niantic para no realizarlos aquí, pero podría estar relacionado con:

    - Dinero

    - Número de Jugadores

    - seguridad

    - logística complicada

    Creo que como jugadores de LATAM debemos enfocarnos en asistir a cualquier evento que tengamos a mano, (IFS, Hexathlon, BannerRuck, MissionDays) y en crecer nuestras comunidades locales atrayendo nuevos jugadores.

    Sería interesante saber si hay alguien en Niantic que este designado como Administrador Regional de Comunidad para LATAM que nos pueda responder estás preguntas.

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