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  • Once the challenge was resolved, I found it quite interesting, at the beginning I ran it as a coordinate axis, combining time and notes, with no apparent results, then another lap took me to see the Unicode (which occurred to me to publish a small group for the developer of this, for a while I did not do it), I got into deadrigeras infinity looking for answers or possible ways to reach the goal, look at different codes and forms, but without finding anything that would take me to 13AR.

    Suggestion for those who are still spinning:

    -do you remember the 3d images printed on paper? but those were vertical to get to the effect

    -and 4 is "fo".

    Thank you for the challenge with which I have expanded my musical culture.

    I have worked with music and not as a musician. 😅

  • Thank you for all the hints. I concur with the disappointed solvers, the instant I understod where to start numbering then slap in my face was the whole solution. All the rabbit holes lead me to puzzles that would have been so much more interesting, and maybe even linked to listening in some capacity.

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    I tried so hard to listen to that part of my brain, it kept saying "none of the other puzzles have needed any more than surface knowledge of what it looks like it is, this one wont be any different." but that didnt stop me from digging deeper than I should have

  • A bit late getting this done but special thanks to @HemlokHex for helping!, so many red herrings and lucky guess for sure. There is a bit of musical knowledge needed indeed about key signatures.

    *Tip: Musical alphabet is a big help but not the ones you'll find on internet.

  • No problem, @maurirrai

    Glad you got it!

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    A couple of solvers says other people are sour because they do not come up with an idea, try out the idea, then evaluate the idea, rinse and repeat.

    --Somewhat Spoilers Ahead--

    I translated the notes to the letters, I wondered if I should try counting differences from letter to letter.

    One of the very first things I did was to give the dots numbers according to placement, in several different ways according to how I count. I then went to the trusty a1z26, but the strings produced nonsense. Of course I continuously was trying to find 13AR, I tried every starting point and counting from point to point and from a starting line and up and down.

    I tried adding the bars consecutively. Looping them and going for different ending positions. Then just let them stay the way they were one above the other. I wondered if they spelled something, I translated to Do-Re-Mi and looked for any sense. I wondered if a heap of notes combined to a big scary thing became a new note. I wondered what # and ¤ and b meant and had no concept of what they where and what to search. I considered the meanings of measures. I searched musical notes cryptography and found so many to test out. To my disappointment nothing seemed to fit. I wondered if there was some kind of octal system to put assigned values into since notes go in octaves. I wondered if I would see something if I turned the image every way. I tried searching the keyword list for any appropriate words to then force backwards. I compared both grid/bars and letters+pauses it to morse and to braille. I have pages of notes and drawings. I squinted and glared to see if the whole thing actually could be read as "painted" letters and numbers.

    I showed a grid with the dots to my 100% non-puzzling non Ingressing, but artistic, partner and he suggested it could be star signs or I should find matching star formations and read off their names (they have numbers and digits), or it was an old time data card, or the dots should be punched out and overlain some text to read the code. Really good suggestions but I knew right away they could not be right this time.

    After all this I still had NOTHING. -- Did I not come up with any ideas, try out the ideas, then evaluate the ides, rinse and repeat? --

    Finally a hint that I should consider what # and b did (#did not mean number or format) brought me full circle back to nearly the beginning and it turns out good old boring grid and a1z26 it was all along but the puzzle was designed in a way that you could not be on to something or nearly there, you either are spot on or it is gibberish. The sudden end more than anything was an anticlimax.

    This one will go down as divisive, for sure, but really I don't think it will be any ones favorite. Sorry to the puzzlemaker I saw in the start of this thread, I know it must be tricky to make these and test out. Of course I could have done no better, and thank you for the free fun. Please still do events like this, I am really enjoying the whole format of Archetypes, and look forward to every puzzle.

  • Red herrings, red herrings, everywhere!

  • Finally!

    What a mindf*ck! That's the least enjoyable of the challenges so far. I hope they improve now from now on.

  • I liked that the key was that you had to discard pre conceived notions

  • Enlightened

  • I'm Enlightened

  • ENL

  • This one has a missing note.

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