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On January 4, 2020, in Odessa, Texas, Ingress agents gathered for a First Saturday event unlike any they had done before. As a community, they put aside faction and city loyalty to honor an agent, @Ribbitt223, who passed away last year, and also to bring smiles to his widow and their children.

We planned a link star, dubbed “The Bow Tie Burst” positioned between two cities in West Texas: Midland and Odessa. Agents spent a week planning, gathering keys, harvesting resonators, and clearing links for the big day.

IFS registration started at noon at a local restaurant with key distribution. Agents were given their assigned starting portals. At 13:00, IFS kicked off with Resistance agents flooding Odessa, and Enlightened Agents descending on Midland.  

One ENL agent, @Ramsinator, took the special task of traveling about 90 miles to Colorado City, where @Ribbitt223 lived. She voluntarily forfeited the uptick on her First Saturday badge, missing the check-in portal, to be certain she could get keys to the family and help them throw. There, in Colorado City, she met @Ribbitt223’s wife and sons, who all play Ingress as well: @Craftyy @Abernathy918 and @Hawke0301. His sons had driven in late the night before to be present for the event. They threw a number of links from Colorado City to the link star as well.

All of this was accomplished for @Ribbitt223, who was one of the early members of the Midland/Odessa First Saturday cohort. Several agents who participated fondly remembered engaging with @Ribbitt223 both in game and in person. Further, some agents drove for more than five hours to take part in this event: they came from Las Cruces, NM, El Paso, San Angelo, Colorado City, Lubbock, Odessa, and Midland. 

By the time IFS officially ended at 15:00 for double AP, agents had created 426 links to the star.  However, after that, agents continued throughout the afternoon and evening to throw to the star by the end of the day they had thrown nearly 700 links.

We would like to thank all those who contributed to the successful op:

@Craftyy @Abernathy918 @Hawke0301 @Ramsinator @SavageMessiah @Ospurt @BoobonicBunny @judemistier @Listener70 @BCGolden

@DuneGreystone @TheWhiteRabbitt @TheIndigoRose @TheCryptKeeper @NoMore1007 @Umbrella004 @Patrizzie @PinkDaisy0213 @Losifer026 @Jtrealman @Rwbratgirl @Sunyu1 @AgentCryogenic

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