First Saturday in South India - Kerala Palakkad

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​​Kerala FS: Chapter 2 Palakkad

The second FS was conducted in Palakkad on Jan 4th 2019. The event was registered by a resistance agent priyeshsachin.

Not a single enlightened agent/group in Kerala was updated of such an event. Then there will be a question, don't we need participation of enlightened for an FS? Keep reading.

The POC for the FS event were priyeshsachin(RES) and UVdeath(ENL). The agent UVdeath is not part of any ingress groups of Kerala Enlightened nor he is active, so he obviously didn’t notified anyone about the event. The senior agent of Palakkad priyeshsachin didn’t pass the info to anyone in Enlightened even though he had met a lot of players in the FS event in Kochi. The other enlightened agents outside Palakkad found out about this event on Jan 3rd Night from Niantic website. There were a total of 9 players who already RSVP for the event by then, out of which all the enlightened players beside UVdeath were unknowns.

Still a few enlightened players wanted to attend and RSVP for the event. The enlightened players from outside Palakkad reached the venue by 13.00, where the POC's were late as well. Out of the initial RSVP list Nythe296, Sasii123 from ENL and Mastershifu70 from RES were no show, so if ENL players from outside Palakkad had not attended, the minimum number of agents (minimum 4) wouldn’t have met and the FS would have been cancelled.

Now is the interesting part, the enlightened POC UVdeath was really late for the event and resistance POC had to call him to the event venue. When other enlightened agents went to exchange greetings with UVdeath, they observed that UVdeath wasn’t aware of how to play the game at all. Resistance POC was helping him on how to play, so clearly it was an account created in that area for win trading and level up other resistance accounts.

The FS event was also planned in a hurry; there were no banner mission, no swags to be distributed for max AP or trekker etc. The resistance POC had an fs pass code which was to be given to the highest trekker gain in RES. Enlightened POC didn’t even have the pass code or didn’t bother to check it. The first FS held in Kochi had lot of left over swag which were equally divided between factions, weren’t used at all for this FS.

After the event when everyone was talking, another senior resistance agent from Trivandrum Gh0st9909 verbally threatened Mc1itto that, he will physically **** some ENL agents in Kerala. After that Mc1itto and other ENL agents from outside Palakkad (TheCbeSaiyajin,DarkMattervoid) left the event venue without taking the group picture for FS.

The question is this, is the spirit of playing so overwhelming that a group of players round up few account and conduct a FS in secret to gain AP? When the so called account owners and POC doesn’t know how to play. Are other senior agents of Resistance Kerala so incompetent they will allow such things to happen for a few blockers?

No one in ENL outside Palakkad were asked if they wanted to join for this FS, but from the initial RSVP list, resistance agents from Trivandrum were aware of the FS, but they didn’t informed anyone in enlightened either. Discussion to conduct FS in Kollam was shot down by resistance even though there a lot of players active in that area. Yet they don’t have any problem to attend a FS charade which happened in Palakkad. What is next? More FS like this in any chosen city with dummy accounts? The integrity of the game is lost by this kind of game play. Is it worth it?




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  • Another dirty cheap trick by our local smurfs which is a humiliation for our local ingress community. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Yes indeed, if they had contacted others many would have helped to organise the event. Whenever the agents in Bangalore, Coimbatore conduct FS, invites fly everywhere. If Palakkad agents had been a bit more proactive and contacted other agents instead of trying to do everything on their own, this wouldn’t have happened. ENL POC is inactive in Telegram as well.

  • 7 Res? 14 Enl.. i am confused...

    Is this you?


    This is your 6 or 7th account??

    And thanks for reporting this issue to Niantic..

  • Greetings Agent,

    You are here with another episode of Half cooked stories. Too bad the image doesn’t have time stamp, but if you check the time of the shorter RSVP list, it shows 22:50 means night. If you ping me in Telegram, I can give you screenshots of chats taken place on Jan 3, 2020 Friday night when we found out at this FS. Then everyone registered in hope of making it to the venue, but many of them couldn’t including me. The second screenshot of taken on morning obviously.

    Also why would Kerala enlightened be salty? FS needs participation of both faction. So are you implying that the enlightened agents participated were not really enlightened but your own accounts?

    If you read the OP, you can see out of the ENL in the list (Bigger List) the total count was met by including the agents who tried to “spoil it” according to you.

    Also I didn’t knew everyone needed to hold hands while the event is taking place, the picture is a mere formality( did I mention an agent from your faction shouted at our agent?) oh yeah, so should everyone stay there listening to that?? Good advice.

    So that beg the question who are the extra two people in the group picture? If everyone fled the scene, you arranged by standers for the picture? If they didn’t RSVP but participated, were there more enlightened players?

    I tried to organise a FS in Kollam, but no one was interested in Resistance . So I don’t know where you are getting your facts from , but before being the damsel in distress, get that straight. You are just adding more fuel into the fire in telegram and here, I have seen plenty of your acquisition with half facts. If you ping me in telegram we can discuss it in detail. No one is going to take your blabbering in face value.

  • Just a simple question.

    Were you there at the FS?

    No more answers and explanations required...

    The people who attended know the truth.

  • Gobi130Gobi130 ✭✭✭

    Oh. I'll tell you why you guys are salty. Palakkad ENL agents are not interested in bowing down to your so called "Kerala Enlightened" leadership if you boss them around. The OP mentioned that the representative is not in ENL groups. Does that decide who plays fair and who cheats? In fact, your ENL groups have more ENL cheaters than ENL cheaters who are not in your groups. Please show me one rule or guideline in Ingress which says that people should be in groups and listen to senior agents who bully them? If the ENL agents in Palakkad don't want to deal with your **** and just want to have an FS, who are you to say that they cannot do that and call it wintrading? Are you saying that actions by agents who are in the enlightened which are not cleared with you guys are actions of wintrading? You realize how absurd that is? 😂

  • Seriously, you are a piece of work.

    After the first FS, entire Kerala Enlightened was your enemy. Now you conveniently changed the line from Palakkad ENL and Kerala ENL.

    You keep changing your arguments from time to time. There is no leadership for Kerala Enlightened, it’s a group of people who became friends through the game. I guess you don’t know the purpose of playing Ingress since you say leadership and bossing around. You just change arguments to suit your purpose, now you just drew a new line in favour of your argument. Go read your past blabber in reddit related to first FS before saying more nonsense. Or text me in telegram, I have screenshots I can send.

    Next, how do you know who are members of our group? The POC of Palakkad isn’t in any group because we have observed win trading, which is against TOS, you can contact me for screenshots. He can choose to not be in any groups, it’s his choice, but if we see anything against TOS, we will report.

    Also are you saying a person who has plays with two accounts, round up some players to conduct an FS, like you rounded up pogo players to fill the count and get a badge in Dec’ 2018 FS, that’s agreeable and other agents should just stay put?

    Since all you do is contradict everything, blame others and make predictions on everything. “Group full of spoofers”, “Didn’t organise FS” , “Calling it Win Trading”, “Leadership”. All I see is a torrent of bull****.

    Do you have any proof beside that? Don’t poke your nose without knowing the full detail, just like you did last time.

    I tried a lot to avoid Ad Hominem, but you try to win a argument with flawed logic. I rest my case.

    *Mic Drop*

  • Yeah even im holding __Jarvis__, __ada__ and NIAGameMaster accounts too ✌️

  • At Last the result.. Thanks to for the action. 😘 😘 😘 😘

    💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚

  • Taking about fs. VINU is agent ooVSNoo ..

    Enl or Res Cooking.. everyone knw him and no one knw him..

  • Gobi130Gobi130 ✭✭✭
    1. Stop attacking me personally.
    2. If Palakkad ENL agents are not under your control, that does not mean they are cheaters. If you believe they are cheaters, you report it to Niantic. Don't whine about it here. I also refuse to believe that you didn't add him because you thought he was cheating. Also, "if we see anything against TOS, we will report." ... Such a joke. You know how I know this? I know how your guys worked with TCruise and other accounts which keep spoofing down IIST? I have seen screenshots shared by people where your guys are discussing with TCruise in comm about taking down IIST. And then that guy got banned for spoofing IIST. Do you want me to share those? Note: OP is the biggest cheater of I've known. Is he in ENL groups? Please report him also.
    3. Reddit posts and telegram posts... How interesting you should mention those after you guys deleted all messages in cowardice so that the conversation looks like it favors you! Please remember that I keep backups of conversations(before you deleted those messages and posts) just in case and will share them if necessary.
    4. I don't know what FS you are talking about in Dec 2018. Nice diversion. Anyway, if people are recruited for FS from Pokemon Go or Wizards Unite, that is not a crime. Also, please share evidence of even one person using two accounts in Dec 2018 in whichever FS you are referring to.
    5. I know all the events which led to one RES agent getting angry with one of your guys. Why don't you come clean and tell what the entire conversation was? It was a reaction to you guys cancelling the FS at the last moment a few months ago. He lost money booking tickets and couldn't get a refund because you guys called it off at the last minute. He has every right to be angry. You expect him to come and hug you guys for doing that? As usual, spreading half truths and lies. Nice try!
    6.  "If everyone fled the scene, you arranged by standers for the picture? If they didn’t RSVP but participated, were there more enlightened players?" and "So are you implying that the enlightened agents participated were not really enlightened but your own accounts?"... There were enough Enlightened players in Palakkad to make up for you guys running away. Guess your agents did not learn how to count. Just because those accounts aren't in your groups, it does not mean that they are our accounts. Don't judge others by your ridiculously low standards.
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