A small text change in nominations would improve the review process significantly

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"Submit an additional photo of the area surrounding your Nomination" makes perfect sense to me. Unfortunately, a lot of people take it to mean that they should turn around and show the general area, and the photo actually provides no context for where the waypoint is. As a reviewer, my primary use of the supporting photo is to provide context for me actually finding the waypoint.

A simple example: Imagine a really cool urban mural, with street view that is several years out of date. The submitter takes a really excellent photo of the mural as the main photo but it doesn't include anything but the mural itself. For their supporting photo they just point the camera down the street at an odd angle, or they photograph the other side of the street. Often murals are newer than street view, so neither the main nor the supporting photo gives me enough information to figure out if the location is accurate. I would guesstimate that about one in ten submissions has this problem.

Please change the text to, "Submit an additional photo of your Nomination in its surrounding area". This is a simple change that will nudge players to include the waypoint as part of the supporting photo. This would make life much easier for reviewers and would mean fewer submissions get rejected because they can't be found.

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    for reference, here are the current "Show the Surrounding Area" screens

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    Here is a perfect example. The thing being submitted is a playground, which is very likely just off to the left. There is no street view. At some zoom levels satellite view shows a construction site. I can find one zoom level that shows the finished construction, but the playground isn't clearly visible because it's under some trees. The location is probably correct, but stepping across the parking lot and including the playground in the photo would have made the location unambiguous.

    (Update: the submission was actually in the wrong location. I found the right one but it took more work than it should have.)

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    Agreed, would reduce my facepalms a lot :)

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    100% agree

  • Brilliant idea!

    I recommend this Workflow in my videos too!


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    That however would fail any old redacted submissions still in the system that don't have a support photo for not good reason.

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    @NianticBrian This seems to have consensus. Can this change be made to both Ingress and PoGo please?

  • I've seen a few close ups of playground signs and the supporting photo of the actual playground.

    Still valid wayspots but I wish the photos were the other way around.

  • That picture is exactly what the text is asking for. Demonstrating that it is safe and there is room for trainers/agents to play. Too bad you can't tell if it's anywhere near the POI! The guide shows the proper camera angles to use for these but it seems to escape notice far too often. This proposed text change would help a lot but I think it should be "Submit an additional photo of your nomination in its surrounding area to show safe access and to help reviewers verify it's location".

  • The proposed text conveys the intent of this question better than the current version. What we need is to see that there is pedestrian access to the PoI not that there is pedestrian access "kind of near" the PoI, and showing the PoI itself in the supporting photo (which I always do) helps a lot on that front. As others have noted, it also help reviewers locate the PoI in cases where the Street View is out of date (a very common phenomenon) by identifying what landmarks to look for (the Church behind the playground or the red building behind the plaque, etc.)

  • I agree this small change would have a significant benefit to both submitters and reviewers. For the submitter hoping to have their POI approved, if the text clearly stated to include the poi in the supporting image in relation to its surrounding area (which shows safe access) it would help the reviewer verify that the POI is in the correct real world location.

  • Honestly, you can't fix stupid.

    People aren't reading the words each time.

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