"Explore Downtown Billings" missions rejected that would complete banner

Category: Rejected Mission for Banner

Title of the Portal: Explore Downtown Billings 9/18 and Explore Downtown Billings 18/18

Location: Locations through downtown Billings

City: Billings, Montana

Country: USA

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: attached

I'm at a loss for words here. "Explore Downtown Billings" is an 18-part mission banner that goes through the downtown area, yet for some reason, the original author had missions 9 and 18 rejected for no real good reason. I wanted to help get this completed, so I asked the other player for the missing image files, which they supplied, so I in good faith, submitted a couple of missions that would go along the path to connect 8 to 10 and 17 to the end, but instead of getting this completed, they were rejected out of hand, and for no real good reason that I can think of. Instead, I just get this standard, boilerplate response.

Yet there are SIXTEEN other missions for this banner that WERE approved and go along the path that 9 & 18 connect with and would complete this banner.

Can someone please explain this to me why two KEY missions to complete the first ever Billings banner would get rejected with no good reason?

Photos to support your claim:


  • XQlusioNXQlusioN ✭✭✭✭✭

    Although this is not the correct place (sadly there isn't one on these forums)

    From the image of 8, I can guess that 9 contains only the letter B

    Niantic has been rejecting missions whose image has only a single letter because certain people kept making bad words in their scanner.

    Without seeing the actual images, it's hard to tell

  • This was the original image used to make the banner, and 16 sections of this image were approved.

  • SeklaiSeklai ✭✭

    Did you try to submit again?

    I don't know why sometimes a mission is rejected. There was a time when one enlightened player submit a big mosaic and 2 or 3 mission was rejected every time. Then, he sent me one of that image and I did the mission. That mission was accepted but there was no difference between what I submitted and what he submitted... And other of those missions was submitted with a different name like "Mission (2/18)" (The first attempts entitled as "Mission 2/18") 😑

    I'm not good at English. I hope you understood what I want to say 🤣

  • I sent a new picture over to the agent who made the other missions, and now all missions are there and updated with a new picture!

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