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Truthseekers: Only one Tesserae from this batch required a poll, so I'm doing this all in a single post. I'll start with the verified Placement Predictions we're already sending out, and the poll will be at the bottom.

TR5: Nagassa & OLW Transmission

ENL knmtcc : J06

RES all Discoverers : K06 

TR5: Who killed Yuri Nagassa

RES all Discoverers : K05

ENL LegarOrry : J05

TR5: Valley of the Dead

RES andymon007 : K02

ENL potroconce : J03 

TR5: Who Killed Devra Bogdanovich?

ENL AmitInAgra : F05 

RES all Discoverers : H05 

TR5: Dalby Station

RES DoctorAtom : M01

ENL Bihotz : M02

TR5: Kureze on Multiverse

RES all Discoverers : E00 

ENL ZhuCaiWen : E01

TR5: Catalyst Archetype

RES vidicon : B11

ENL mspirate : B12

TR5: Myriad Unmasked

RES All Discoverers : B12 

ENL Pebbletool : B11

TR5: Prime

RES All Discoverers : G04

ENL SachielOne : G03

TR5: Aurora

RES chiakeshi : C11 

ENL : C10

TR5: Who Killed Martin Schubert?

ENL All Discoverers : C04

RES greekdiver : B04

And now, our poll. The Resistance unanimously made one Placement Prediction F06, for the Devra transmission Tessera, so that will be submitted to the Tethered Hand, and we will not be including it in the poll. Voting on this poll will close on January 3rd at 1800 UTC.

TR5 POLL: Devra transmission

TR5 POLLS: All 69 votes

ENL isorhiza: H05
yukikomachiaaronviannoVicusSapphiresSuperduperNyanclomi9999kosugipkidobarrettmichiwayhoka1meiXavikleKramushkaAnlashokTitoMattchiyoyo3396Blaukehlchen1PrimalHiperionAseretLlancGrukz 18 votes
ENL IkeVonHike: F05
InvestigateXMbeekillersGirlmeetstrailsliyu1StranditPerringaidenquirischaATR0P0STh3MazeRunnerTrueNovaMoogModularGargishDtargaryeVarmennicrystalwizardfvanstraMonkeyPeltSakamoto7329TheoremOfMapiexpediter 51 votes


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